Bow and arrow. / Luk a šíp.

Bow and arrow.

Sports in such a summer camp is never enough. For example, running for a dirty nest in the nettle, or diving for a soap in a pond during a great wash.
And what about a jerk before the tangled bunch of forest bees?
He also races in the speed of getting out of the sleeping bag, as the Ants have begun to settle down and do not want the tenant. The evening sitting at the campfire occasionally reminds you of an hour of counts and musical rhythms, as the mosquitoes are counting on.
We also have common and very popular sports in boys, such as archery, the competition for a hand-made archery bow was first announced, then the archery race will come in turn.
Hynek and Patrick from the canvas house number ten, went to work at a dedicated time and with enthusiasm. Both are known as the best archers in the division. Hynek even proved that he could shoot a bow target instead of an arrow. The arrow remained in his hand and the bow flew a few meters towards the target.
But now they took their best pair and ax and went out into the open forest into the raid, find the appropriate young Jasana or Javory on the bows. The arrows did not bother your head, it’s time for you.
When they reached the place they could not decide for a long time to take the trunk. Drought, it would be fine, because the alive, though raining, did not want to cut them down. On the other hand, they knew that the dry Maple was working poorly and glad to crack.
Finally, they decided for both. For both dry and fresh. There was a long picking and crawling forest. Through the expert eye, they always excluded that or that trunk.
Eventually, however, they jumped nearly three-meter Javor rods of three centimeters thick.
Still in the woods they were bent, that the leaves were only in one place and solemnly returned to the camp.
In the woodwork, where they were headed, it was already busy. Boys with more or less skill were future bows. And there is a lot to talk about, laughing and shaming, because sometimes the work is not the way we sometimes imagine.
Hynek and Patrick, however, have chosen a different place for their baking work, the forest for the kitchen. There was no warmth, and there was a lot of fun. Occasionally, instead of working on the bow, they irritated the nearby ant in their anthill.
„Hynek, do not put your hand in the anthill and leave it for a while?“ Patrik asked.
„Why would I do that, my bite.“ Hynek replied.
„Are you afraid?“ Patrick asked with a small grin.
„Then show me and I’ll do it!“ Hynek was a little exasperated, waiting for Pata.
He thought for a moment, knowing he’d cooked it.
If he does not, he’ll talk.
So he put his hand carefully on the anthill and waited for what was going to be, he was pleased with the fact that the ants were probably trying, but it was different. The ants crawled over the back of his hand and smelled him. But then Patrik moved his fingers and made several bites. His hand quickly lifted from the anthill and bounced all the Ant on the ground.
Hynek did not wait for anything and put his hand into the anthill. She did not move her at least for two minutes, then picked it up carefully, wiping the Ant from her hand and saying it was a good game of courage. And that he’ll teach the other guys.
Then they only devoted themselves to their bows, from the dry wood the bows had burst before they were done with the work. From fresh wood, the bows also resisted the biggest bending.
However, as it is, this kind of work sometimes brings some careless cuts. This time Patrik’s knife was in his palm on his left hand. And it was for today after work. Hynek only improved his bow, and Padova lay on the ground with a knife. Patrik walked around with his thumb in his mouth. Sometimes he muttered something, but he could only be angry with himself.
In the evenings, before dinner, the camp’s management rated almost day-to-day boy activities. Nobody roared, and every one of his archer tomorrow had an archery competition. Of course, bull bows that are well catered for will also be used.
On a personal holiday, Patrik and Hynek started on the arrows. That would be the best of the cubicles of Javor. They grew up at the pond in abundant numbers.
But there, without the knowledge of the camp leaders, they could not walk.
„What if someone sees us?“
„Who should see us as he should? We’ll be there and come back soon. „Hynek replied.
The path to the pond did not last long, and in the end you run shorter distance.
At the pond, they immediately began to pick up their rods and cut them off.
Each of them had about ten.
It will be enough, Hynek said, and walked across the dam to the camp.
It would not be Hynek to make up new fun. In the middle of the dike, there was a place for a builder, but it was three meters from the dike and led to a thicker plank.
Hynek immediately followed him to the swing, the board bent over, but it stood. From the vault he called to Patrick to follow him.
„What if the board bursts?“ Patrik feared.
„Will not you be scared, or are you afraid?“ Hynek called out from the ramp to Patrick and waited for him.
Nothing. Father, you sat down on a dam and threw stones into the water. After a moment he called to Hynek.
„Come on before they look for us.“
Thus, Hynek walked back across the plank, stood in the middle of the largest bend, and began to bobble at him. He did it until the board broke halfway and Hynek crashed