Brethren. / Bratři.

Story sixth. Brethren.

František and Zdeněk are brothers and sisters. František is eleven, and Zdeněk is two years older, and he is also an advisor to the Scout Club of Kamzík, to which both brothers belong. They also inhabit the sixth canvas house.
Other siblings would rather be alone, just not to be together. František and Zdenek, however. They do not allow one another, they help each other, they advise each other, and when they do some not too good guy, they will also receive a common discipline.
But as Franniek and Zdeněk’s brothers and sisters are sometimes offended and challenged for that little thing, or when one does not want to retreat to another, and so on.
But such a fight does not last long, then the boys are good brothers.
If there is some damage to the dress after the little lady, she tries to get rid of the damage before the parents come to it. Worse is when a minor injury occurs on the face and elsewhere on the body. This is almost impossible to do and it must be out of the question.
Here at Zdeněk’s camp he reigns brotherly with his party. He is recognized by the boys, because he knows so much and knows it. But it is not about great governance – reign, the brotherhood of the cooperative spirit of gambling, gambling, acting and joint responsibility for the task assigned.
Frantisek has been in the village of Kamzík for only a year, at the last camp he was the first time, and he named him a camp of misery. As the morning gets up too early, the evening is too late, the morning is warming up, and the evening in the cold water.
And you have to wash and clean clothes, just something about holidays need not be.
Eating must be what is cooked together and not what it wants. When it’s hot, bathing is working and when it’s cold it’s time to swim in the pond. And so on and on, Franz thought, but as time went by, he recognized his mistake.
Where František was looking forward to this year’s camp and enjoying it from the beginning.
Being bothering him occasionally.
This morning he trained and trained in boxing, the Leader to the boys explained the rules of the game and showed them how to do the box properly. The boys then formed a pair and tried to box against each other. Beforehand, everyone agreed that the strikes would only indicate by touch. He then asked the counselors for the hearts to watch the boys carefully so that they could not survive the boxing.
František coached with Míša, they are equally tall and have the same age. At first, they did not do much, but they gradually improved, even when some sharp stroke had dropped there. Not very sharp, but she was. The boys took it in laughter until Misa struck more than he did or wanted.
František hit his chin until his teeth creaked. František div did not fall to the ground, what was the blow from his point of view. Then the boys started to really go. Zdeněk finished this fight in time. The breathing boys swept their eyes with lightning, but they were cool friends for a while, watching the training of others. Even here sometimes some of them have been carried away by force, and some real wounds have fallen.
Before lunch, a boxing tournament with real boxing gloves was eventually held. And maybe by the evening, what was the boxing interest, if there was no time for lunch.
Before eating food in escale, the counselors check the cleanliness of the dishes and cutlery, most of the campsite does not like it, it is delaying it, and on the other hand, the eesus has sunk itself as it fell off the ejector on the ground. So why scrub him again.
In this, Zdeněk, the counselor of Kamzík, is unbearable, to make the dirty dirt from the past food, and the sinner must go to wash again.
At noon peace, when nothing is done, just reads, lies, whispering – almost, and so on, František and some other boys strangely disappeared from the camp. First, no one noticed who would miss a few boys when they were more than enough. Even if a pinned ticket appeared on the flagpole, no one was interested in anyone first. Just before the youngest men of the ticket noticed, they took it off, and because they were somewhat of a foreign language, they showed it to their advisers.
They found out that the foreign language is a cipher, a text written in psalm and backwards. It was clear from the text that one member was kidnapped from each club, and the task of the team was to follow the trail that the hijackers left behind. However, what traces are not written in the text. The boys agreed on the following procedure, first to find out who was kidnapped, then find out what trails left the hijackers, and eventually walk along the trails with the necessary equipment.
Zdeněk and two other counselors thought they would have to accomplish some tasks, and that the kid had to be found in the supper. Half of the camp management agreed with their plan, the other half of camp camp was not.
Searching for tracks was a bit difficult, but it came about. The trace was always a piece of the kidnapped suit. Sock, handkerchief, shirt, and so on. Everyone was kidnapped on another side, so every party went elsewhere. To three world sides.
The route led through quite heavy terrain, through the creek, through the bushes and thickets, across the field and despite the dense nettles that could not be circumvented. However, the track was always well visible from now onlky. All the clothes were gathered and put in the backpack. In spite of his kidnapped brother, he will not allow the rest of the camp to change and wash himself. The last trail was kidnapped. The leader tied it lightly to the tree and seemed to go away. Of course he was watching him. Carried only in shorts and barefoot, he was instructed what and how. But still there was a little fear in Frantisek and two other boys. They stayed alone, tied to a tree. What if they do not find me? Really the leader has gone away? When do the ants begin to bite me? There was a lot of thought in the heads of the boys. Deliberation and relief were accepted by the joy of all three abductees. František put on his t-shirt and took the canvas. Together they went to the camp. The time of dinner was coming. On his way, František made his terrible story. First he agreed to play the kidnapped. But when he and the manager ran over all possible shrubs and hot and wet and still had to leave his clothes, shirt, shorts, socks, shoes and handkerchief here and there, it was quite adventurous and a little scary. The day was over, Zdeněk in the evening, and his two other councilors gave a brief report, then watched for the evening program, the clubs had their own. They could go for a walk, make small ornaments from nature, they could go and bathe, they just had the full confidence of their leaders. When the precious moments had come, Zdeněk tasted in his cot on his pillow in a common canvas house with his brother František. Before they slept, Frantisek said, „And you know I was afraid you would not find me? And I’m really going to stay there? „“ Franta, who’d be angry with me if we did not find you. „Zdeněk answered.