Forest. / V lese.

Story Nine. Forest.

The forest became for many days not only a playground but also a textbook filled with many knowledge. The forest provides the campers with the necessary material for their skilful and skillful hands and such dry wood-lying wood for the stove.
One day, once again, Bobs had a service in the kitchen, and sent the counselor of Berry Matthey, his roommate in the ninth Ivan’s cane house, into the woods on a fine pitch to fill the stove at the stove.
Such rattles are used to burn fire in stoves, and if not, it’s a bit more complicated. Ivan, eleven years old, is not one of the bravest boys.
The fact that they are afraid of the night watch is understandable, but occasionally they are afraid even in daylight. Maybe if he’s just going to the forest. And that alone.
„What, and will anyone come with me?“ Ivan asked
„No, you can do it yourself,“ Matthew replied
So Ivan went into the woods, stopped at his edge and looked into his bowels. He did not see anything that could be spooky or otherwise unpleasant.
„If anyone was here with me, it would be different. That would be better for the forest. „He said to himself.
When Ivan is with someone or he does not know about his fears and does not mind Ivan even when he’s alone for a while, only when he knows and hears his own kind.
The forest swallowed him in a moment, and Ivan slowly and cautiously approached the place where they were mostly rattled.
Something cracked near him, Ivan leaped to the nearest tree and carefully searched for the place where the sound came from. He could see and heard the leaves in the nearby bushes. He stood and did not move. The small noise stopped.
Ivan added, as many times before, the courage and went closer to the bushes. He held one stick in one hand and gripped the other in his fist. When he was two meters away from the bushes, he flew out with a loud beeping from the bushes of Kos, a fairly common Kos. Ivan was so scared that he sat on his butt.
Kos was still on the next branch, sat and nervously drunk. Ivan watched him for a moment, then rose with relief and began to gather rattling. So he thought, concentrating on the collection, that he went further into the forest than he intended. Occasionally, he was afraid, and he thought I had to go back, but the task assigned to him forced him to do it. As soon as he had been so rattled that he could bind to a bigger nod with a knot, he went back to the camp.
But, look, he saw that he was not here. Ivan was surrounded by fear of what to do, where to go? He wanted to start crying, he was missing just so little. In the end, however, a small stream, rather a stream, was seen nearby. He remembered the stream flowing behind their camp. Is he or is not he? Ivan was not sure about that. He remembered that when he went from the kitchen to the woods, the stream flowed against him. But the one in the camp is big and wider.
Eventually, however, he decided that he would go up against the stream, and perhaps he would come to the camp.
Ivan’s path through the woods began to change in a pilgrimage full of marsh, nettle, Komaras, and not the ending forest.
Meanwhile, in the camp kitchen, everything was ready for evening service, except for the rattlesnake. Matěj recalled that he had sent Ivana to the shantyhouse half an hour ago, such a job does not take more than ten minutes. He thought. Eventually Bobry called and they went out to find Ivana. They called, looked around.
Suddenly, Ivan appeared in the woods, the way he went to the village to buy. Ivan joyfully and enthusiastically leaped and ran quickly. He was no longer mindful of the Komaros and bumps, as well as the smudged and cluttered cloth.
He already knew where he was. So he went quickly to the camp, the forest, and the wrong direction along another creek, two miles. He was so far away from the camp.
As he approached, he heard the voices of the boys from his squad calling his name. He heard them and a moment later he found them. It was joyful, she had to tell her all her adventure story. Eventually Matthew was not angry, he was glad that his brother from the canvas house found nine.
He took the rattle from him, and in a moment the kitchen was handed over to the incoming staff. After dinner tonight, the evening program included large washing and other activities. Ivan asked the leader of the Bréte section, the Chronicle of the Chronicle, and wrote his adventure in the chronicle and did not forget to add some extra ghost.
Before the evening came, there were several drawings in the chronicle of the story.