Great expedition. / Velká výprava.

Great expedition.

Story Eleventh. Great design.
To this day, a large day-long day-trip was planned. Each of them goes in a different direction and their goal is one of the most significant points in the landscape.
Also, all the time they have to take care of themselves. No adult will go with them. Where to go, what to do with how to dress boys they learned the night before the trip.
The Kamzík group, including Sasha and Radek, goes to the nearest castle ruin. Although it is less than six kilometers away from the camp, but in the end it’s about twelve miles.
Sasa and Radek inhabit the canvas house number eleven.
No guilty mischief is strange to them, but they have always been honest and right to work and to the responsibility of the family. The last of their camp was not tortured, the ties of all eschalos were tied to the Jesuits. They had a great deal of fun when all the campers could not normally take their esoos before lunch. They were, of course, traced and punished. The boys have vandalized them and eventually forgave them.
The evening before the expedition, when they had apparently all set up, Sasha, Radka, says.
„Do not you have a little of it? We also have a raincoat, spare socks, track suits or trousers and a jacket. If the weather gets worse, Sasha asked. „Do not worry, it will not rain and winter will not be, so I save space in my backpack.“ Radkova was the answer.
„Well, what do you mean?“ Sasha sighed and wrapped his swimsuit with a towel in his backpack.
„What the swimsuit, the pond will be overgrown, and when I swim, I do not need bathing suits,“ Radek said.
It was cloudy in the morning, the hot, almost unsteady air gave, to suspect there might be a storm. After the day of work and breakfast and even after the morning’s start, individual trousers in trousers and short trousers broke apart. How one recollected and prepared, will show the way. Magicians disappear in the woods and do not go down the marked path, but they chose their way straight, according to the azimuth and the map. The first hours of the journey went great, no great bushes, no brook near the creek, no stinging and cruel insects.
But then it came, hunger came and attacked half of the company of Kamzík. It was necessary to stop and eat some of the little stock of the company. The sun was already high enough in the sky, and there was a hot summer under the trees. The boys slowly drank their precious drinks and wondered where they filled the bottles.
„Then we will find a spring or a suitable stream.“ Sasha suggested.
„Yeah, but here’s nothing on the map, just a manor.“ Frantisek, the director of the Kamzík replied.
„Hurray, they’re going to the grove.“ They almost replied to the boys. František sighed and directed another pilgrimage in another direction, toward the despondent thirst of the thirst, to the guardhouse. It had seemed hopeless, the boys were silenced, and they were just laughing to think of no water or refreshment. In that, the forest broke out, and the Kamizci entered the meadow, the view of the countryside was wonderful, the far roofs of the villages gave the preservation of the salvation, before the sun was cooked, and the pond’s surface was almost three kilometers away, but the closest thing was the manor house. From the forest, they saw that the chimney smoked that the windows were open and there was a small pond with a water statue.
With new forces, they headed for the gamekeeper. Perhaps Mr. Hajný, he will be so merciful and at least a cup of water will give them.
„Even though it is not a Gingerbread Cottage, it would give us sugar water and then it would make us feel better.“ Radek joked The arsenal stopped and they agreed that only the František and Jirka would go to the grove. They will decide what and how to come and say. The visit went very well, not only that they filled the water supply, but everyone else had a piece of cake from Mrs. Hain. They also heard another direction to the castle. With taste, they moved on.
Again they plunged into the depths of the forest, and soon the hill with the castle began to appear in the intersections. The forest became denser and impenetrable. Scrubbery Blackberries, thistles and other unpleasant plants. The boys had to come back several times to find a piece of forest where to go quite well. Still, the blacksmiths Ostružin repeatedly remarked to each of them. Finally they went on their way and walked comfortably to the castle.
There was no one in the ruins of the castle. The luggage left in one place and went to explore the castle. Wherever they could, they climbed wherever they could, they climbed, drove what mighty pairs, and after a watch they gathered at their backpacks in order to cook some lunch. From the fortification, they looked at the nearby pond, and they were heading for their next steps. Meanwhile, the sky in the west began to change, and it began to gray. The storm was approaching.
At the pond where no one was, they first removed all their clothes and carefully stacked them with their backpacks, then they were welcomed by the cool waters of the pond. They swam, dove, and bring stones from the bottom of the pond. When it was time to cook the soup, the first drops of the summer thunderstorm hit the surface. No one noticed that he was coming.
The boys climbed out of the pond, hurriedly, and dressed. It was already raging. What now? To make fire did not make sense, and it was far away in the camp.
František decided to return to the castle and to storm in the cellar.
By the time they reached the castle, the true summer thunderstorm started, flashed, stinking, and it looked terrible under the trees.
In the basement they stripped off completely wet clothes, hanging out where it went, and who had spare clothes in the form of long pants, shirts, or something like that. Only three boys left in the shorts, underestimating good leadership. Among them was Radek.
What would it be like for friendship if the others did not share some extra clothes? And so the pants of the three boys had no one, and there was one tracksuit jacket, and two extra shirts.
Also, when looking at the cellars, it was found that there is a fire in one place down here and there is enough wood. And even there is a window with a view of the countryside.
Outside the walls of the castle was a storm in full swing, in one place it was possible to push the kettle out of the window and wait for it with plenty of water. The fire burned, the boys warmed, and the wet clothes were drizzle, and the lunch in the kettle was slowly cooking.
„If we waited here when the storm started and left the dress, we could refresh ourselves and then cook here. We did not have to go to the pond. „Sasha thought.
The other boys did not agree with him. That would not be the one who could know it, and what if lightning struck us.
They talked about it, and so on.
Frantisek had considered a return trip to the camp, the forest would not want to go, nor the other boys. So they found a little longer but a good way. And the air will not be so hot.
The thunderstorm retreated until it was over. The chimneys extinguished the fire, the water from the puddles that had fallen into the cellars, put on their dried clothes, and made their way to the camp.
This time, they went a whole different way, not directly on the azimuth, but on the roads and sometimes through the meadows. Which had already completely dried up.
On such a tour, games can also be played, such as word football, or exploring plants, trees and animals.
And such a straight path along the field can bring even a minor accident. That’s when Radek stumbles and breaks a single protruding stone on the long section of the knee.
„Did you catch the hare? Pushing forward! „So, likewise, the boys at first started to talk to Radka, but in a while they had already tried healthfully on a living patient.
They first washed the abdomen with water, then they wanted to use iodine tincture, but Radek stubbornly defended it. He knew how it would burn, and he knew that iodine did not belong to the wound.
Frantisek gave him the truth, and instead he only bore the abrasives.
Further on, the journey continued slowly, as Radek was limping, and there was plenty of time.
In the late afternoon, Kamzíci came to the pond, which is near the camp. How tempting to go to bathe. But, they knew the rule for bathing in this pond, no adult.
Instead, they heard the voices near the stream flowing from the pond to the places that Bobry had used for the afternoon refreshment.
The eight stripped Bobs danced on the creek, which formed a bigger pond. The stomachs could not be prompted, and their clothes ended well placed on stacks near the creek.
The co-fever in the water culminated in a day full of adventure on a trip.
At night at the campfire, every company told her where she was, how she had lived and how she liked her day.
Only Sasha could not find a skillfully hidden biscuit after coming to the canvas house. In the morning, he put her in the echella cap and under the bed on the round grate.
Now there was a lid, but not a biscuit. Who ate it for her?