Little Zoo. / Malá Zoo.

Little Zoo.

Story Seven.

„Tom, please, when you have to catch all the crap, so do not take it at our tent! Something bitter and bitter in the night, like a devil! „He mourned in the morning after awakening Bohouš to his co-worker.
Tomas picked up half in his sleeping bag from the ground, from beneath the bed, the glass and the lid. „Ants, they probably jammed the glass and they fled.“ He simply stated.
„Sure they fled me, why did not they bite you when you did, did you take them here?“

He stared at Tom. But it slowly ceased to be an unpleasant mood.
And so that it did not go without the boy’s punishment, he gently gave Tom to his feathers. Only his hair was caught and he did not feel it. Tomas knew he did not have anything in the camp at the camp, and he did not catch the boxes, but all this crawling and crawling is so interesting and tempting, and when he does not catch it, he can not explore it and so.
Tomas is a ten-year-old Wolves, pale hair and ever-inquiring eyes and questions.
Tom, long ago fell in love with nature, that is, the part that people sometimes do not like. He likes to explore beetles, butterflies, insects, and many similar beauties.
He also won the third Olympic Science Olympics.
There is a seventh canvas house in the camp together with Bohousa. Occasionally God’s tent is called a vendetta, and occasionally it is afraid of what it bites again, or at night, at least in the dark after it.
Bohouš is an advisor to the Stripes. He has been running his squad since his seven years and two years. Sometimes, but very scarcely, he uses the physical power to make miserable boys smile, to do something important to say or to make. It’s not like they beat them, but they tend to be chuckling, they’re talking about someone, and so on. The boys just do it for some reason, they do not listen.
Tom had shortened today, or rather had a morning wash just to find out where the ants had gone. But it was no effort to find a piece of them on the bite apple he had left on the shelf since evening. He himself knew it would be a point of mine, checking tents, and then blowing them off and eating the rest of the apple. He took the bite to the nearby forest. There he was hiding him in the hope that there would be an unknown beetle with him. He carefully labeled the location of the vast Oak.
Meanwhile, Bohouš knocked his sleeping bag and pantry, straightening things in the trunk and on the shelf. Here, he brought out some of the rest of the animal out of the tent that was not in a box in an agreed place on the shelf.
Not that he was gloomy, but as he said, order is the first place, insect after that. And to somehow do not hurt Tom, all he had brought out of a canvas house, put it in another box on the edge of the forest. Here he leaves with the permission of the leaders of the Tomas section.
Other boys in another party might even need it, but scouts from Pavlovic do not do that. It would be unfair. Occasionally, Tomas calls for an interesting creature from the realm of stinging, biting and savory insects.
It’s not like they’re afraid to take a beetle or horses or a wormhole into their hands, but why not leave that joy to Tomas.
Bohouš was already satisfied with the cleaning when Tom returned from the forest. It was just the time to get up early. He was dressing well and dressed well in Scout costume, and he and other boys ran to welcome a new day, raising the flag of the flag to the flagpole.
Today, the Strip Company has the task of preparing a new festive border for the evening campfire. D lunch must be done. Because in the afternoon he goes to the village on a pilgrimage. And if it was not, the Storks are not going anywhere.
The company then wears the nails and cleanses the ashes from the last campfire. Lathrin will handle the ash.
They are also allowed from the grove, occasionally chopping up some highlighted land.
Today soup has been visibly attacked by wood-destroying insects. Tomas joyfully took the task with her brothers to defeat her, only to peel her bark and explore how it looked like. When they brought her to the fireplace, he ran with the permission of the counselor, the canvas house for the diary and the pencils, and for her own shirt.
She wanted to peel her bark with her.
The boys have already dimensioned the suckers and put it into its slicing. Tomas drew a log of the rhizome. Bohouš with the boys of Tomas a little angry, telling him that they just need the piece right now, and that they just leave him branches. However, they eventually got over and Tom shrugged his log just off the fire.
In a few moments he was alone in his world, peeling off the bark, writing notes, painting fireworks, and occasionally putting some of the Kůrovec larva in the box. He heard the voices of the boys, the axes, and the drunks. He did not feel a different world, only his full beetles and insects.
Suddenly a shadow fell on his diary, and Tomas waited, no longer hearing the boys‘ voices, not even the hits of the ax. All was silent. He broke his eyes from the drawing he’d created and saw the boys around him, somehow strangely smiling, and Bohouš said.

„Tomas, we want the barn on which you sit.“
„Boys, but I did not do it yet.“ Tom blocked the log. The science that nothing can help.
„So remember it and we’ll take the log, boys on it!“ Said Bohouš, and the boys took Tomas from the field a little further and sat him in the grass. What to do, at least I have other things out of that tree. Nostalgia Tom scoffed and went to help the guys with the last modifications of the campfire. He was grateful that he did not have to work. In the early afternoon, the camp left for the pilgrimage, only the service staff stayed in the camp. It was good at the pilgrimage, the boys were given off for about three hours, then they would return to the camp for the camp. The boys used more than a lot. Almost all the landmarks were twice, tasting lots of goodies and sweets. Even Tomas came to his own, he could see bees, horses and horns at the candy stands, and also a flock of garbage. And it would not be for Tom to put two Dead Horns and one huge spider in the box. „Tomas! If that’s going to go out in the tent and something is going to do it, I’ll bite you and tear off the antennae! „He called Tom Bohouš when he saw what Tom was putting in the box. Tommas flicked with a squeeze, but then calmly said. „Do not worry, it’s gonna be me, I’m gonna stick it on a pin.“ „So be careful not to get the pin in the end.“ Bohouš said, heading for the chainsaw. Upon returning to the camp, they allowed the company staff to go for a while on the pilgrimage. There was a couple of hours left in the dinner, and he would not even be. Since no one was hungry and no appetite for some bread-spreads. You tried to adjust a donut dead Prisoner in a cloth house to get a pin on his pin. The horn was a poor man, as he was pitiful. But even so it’s a big trophy. Such an insect does not have a home at home. When he was about to adjust to the same thing, he came to the canvas house, Bohush, for a moment, looking for Tomas to make. He wanted to say something, but he finally praised Tom. „The fly looks nice.“ He said, „I know you know it’s a horn and you’re just trying to make me angry. But that did not work. „Tom said with a smile and opened a box with another horn and spider. What, however, was a surprise when the Horn in the box was alive and quickly climbed out on the lid of the box. Tomas dropped the drop, the box on the bed with Bohouš out of the canvas house. „Oh, oh, it’s dead, yo, you’ll be dead!“ Called Bohouš and stalked Tomas in an effort to catch him. The boys in the camp were kidding. But just a moment, the leaders summoned the camp for the evening activity. How did that happen? In their canvas house, boys returned to the camp fires again. There was no monument after Sršni, he flew away. Only a box with a dead spider lay on Tom’s bed. Tom picked up the spider and pulled him out. To the forest, he’ll make time for him tomorrow. God, with the hope that he has not bite him this night, has fallen asleep. Tomas had a mysterious hunt for unknown huge flying insects in his dreams, somewhere near his home.