Mug, nettle and shorts. / Hrneček, Kopřivy a krátké kalhoty.

The second story.
 Mug, nettle and shorts.

It’s morning is a beautiful camp in the morning. The sun has risen and gleaming from the sky down to the ground and the tent scout camp. Today the boys will have the first warm up, the morning service is already waking up the camp, opens the tents and everyone calls that it is time to get up and get ready for the morning exercise.
It is true that not every boy is glad to get up from a warm sleeping bag to stretch his body.
Even so, the whole boyhood nation is out there. The warm-up is on the meadow and the only clothes are shorts. They practice barefoot. Towards the end of the stretching exercises there will come a series of barrels of barrels from a nearby slope, the grass is dew and the boys are of course completely wet.
After the practice, everyone rushes to the tent for a towel, comb, and dry linen. The washroom is almost full, and Ondr’s story begins with a cloth house number two. Ondra is a thirteen-year-old boy, a bit slower in motion. In the washroom on the creek, the plank floor was so wet that it slipped slightly and ran down the back of the body to the creek. The ice bath was able to mobilize him so much he was fast on his feet and out of the water.

The boys were laughing at each other, talking with joyous words on Ondr’s bill. And Ondra laughed and said the morning washing was over. As soon as he wore and changed into dry clothes, he went into his tent.
There he struggled with his short Pepik trousers, a twelve-year-old roommate, and did not get into it properly, maybe they shrank overnight or something. Pepa raced on his shorts. Ondra was only one glance and talking. „You’re going to put them in the back.“ Pepík understood where the problem was. In a moment they were already on their way to the dining room, as breakfast is very desirable after morning’s getting up.
It would not be our Pepik to get away with it, or he did it differently than the others.
Now, looking at the pouring of white coffee into the mugs, he remembered his mug. Yesterday, he laid a side of the shelf with him, finishing it today. But, the mug needs it. He went to the tent for him. For a moment, he wondered how he would replace the mug in his position, but did not think of anything. He scrutinized the shelf without a cup and decided to make a courageous attempt. The pot was pulling out, and the rack was strangely in place, and did not want to fall. She held for one random chip that Pepík had not seen.
Joyfully ran out of the tent, and there was a rumble behind him. The shelf fell to the ground.

But what, Pepík waved his hand, and ran for breakfast.
What was it that Ondra was not happy when they lost points because of the shelf and the boys started calling them greenhorni. He did not know what it meant, but he did not want to work. He did not react. He’d rather have the shelf repaired and the cleaning points easily touched. Perhaps.
In the morning, scouting, exercise and games with compass were all done in the whole, burning the string on time and before lunch in the creek, where the dam finally arrived before noon. So the water rose up to the waist with the swim boys. And there were several swimming temps. However, they will go to a nearby pond at night.
During the lunchtime, the sky was drawn and announced that it would storm or at least rain. But no one bothered, the daily program ran on. Ondra and Pepek offered to put on a laundry dryer at noon. The leaders agreed, and when they do, they get extra points.
In the afternoon program, before the storm or rain began, the whole camp was heading to Baba Hill, and every party under another route, which would be there earlier, would earn a sweet reward. All the boys in the Bobr’s company, dressed for the trip with a suitable shoe, clothing and the necessary compass and map. Only Ondra forgot about the shoes.
He recognized it on the rocky and rough surface of the forest below the hill. He was on the grass and the moss was fine, it was a good one. But now he has delayed his party for a good time.
That’s why the guys promised him wild west-style torture. So if they are not at least others. Eventually they came to others, the first company was the Storks.
They just saw how they were moving away, apparently to another task.
The letter was written on the sheet. At the creek and at Oak there is another leaf.
So they went to the stream, but there were many oaks. For awhile, thinking and searching for a paper work, but where nothing here. Then Pepík remembered that a very large Oak is growing near the camp and is near a brook. They all ran to the camp and to Oak.
And indeed, in his crown, he had three more leaves. Again, others are. Two agile boys climbed the tree and carefully threw the sheet down to the ground. With a slow motion, he slowly descended into the breeze down into the bountifully growing Kopriv.
„Well, and who’s going down there now!“ The youngest became angry.
„I’m going to get in there.“ Ondra offered himself and really entered the nettle, reaching his shoulders and their stalks as thick as pencils. He also felt every gust. Getting in the shorts and shirt in such a jungle is a little courage. After two meters he was at the leaf, and he fell to the ground. Ondra knew he would have to sink into the nettles. He did not want to suffer, he thought for a moment. Eventually, he heard the boys‘ incentive for it. So he bent down quickly and lifted the sheet. Not in this time his body was not saved from many glows. When he came out, he was red as a crayfish. The boys admired her admiringly, and many of them secretly envied Ondra’s courage. Ondra wanted to cool the burned places in the creek, but Counselor Bidet explained to him that it would be even worse. Let it stand for a second and see how it stops burning and itching. Eventually, the Storks won the Azimut Competition. Bobs were second and thanks to Ondra’s courage. The day ended with a very popular activity by swimming in a nearby pond. And it was not just such a simple jump in the water and the screaming. The swimming competition was organized, the Bats won it. Before the sunset, the campers went to their tents, both dried up, changed their swimsuit, and took a scout costume. Here, again, Pepík struggled with his costume. This time the boys found out that Pepik’s shorts are small, somehow the boy grew up, and the other clothes were getting a little smaller. In the end, everything can be well dressed, but some of the garments are really turned off on the knop. Hitchhikers have the habit of going straight after the evening’s arrival and the day’s rating, straight for dinner, in costumes. That was the case today, but when Pepík and his escalator sat on the bench, a loud rupture sounded. This Pepik, short pants in the seam, they loosened in the crotch and split into two halves. There was a laugh in the dining room and, surprisingly, Pepík was laughing after a slight horror. And how did that happen? Before the evening, the party leader took Pepik shorts that he would go to the village tomorrow and visit a local tailor who always can handle the stuff and the like. When Ondra and Pepik were falling asleep in their tent, they were not surprised that it was an adventurous day. Ondra had no doubt in any move. The pitfalls of themselves gave to know even now. Pepík laughed occasionally with his short trousers, and they were both looking forward to their first night patrol.