New Adventures / Nová dobrodružství

Story fifteenth. New Adventures.

The new adventures of Jirka and Pety do not let go of them, even today they find an adventurous spirit and give them joy, care, laughter, crying and comfort. Last night, Jirka examined the pictures on the back of the canvas house and decided to make his personal totem. The booklet he printed impressed him with the magazine Skaut Junák.
„You Pétoo, we will make each one of ours and then one for the party, what do you do for it.
It will be fine. „He considered both Jirka.
„First, tomorrow we’ll just do it if I have a sharp knife.“ Petya was afraid.
The next day, every free time, they tried to implement their plan. They were also inattentive in the azimuth game and in the casual distribution of important works for the camp. You were drawn from the big ezus where they were written on the papers. So Pety, as in a dream, because he still thought of his totem, drew the chance of digging a pit for a new latrine.
The boys, after another game in the game, where they were interested in obtaining a designated territory, broke up for their winning work. Someone, repaired the dam on the creek, others prepared a campfire for another camp campfire, and some went to collect mushrooms.
Jirka and Petya went to the place of the future new latrine and started digging. As it happens, the enthusiasm will fade away after a while, and everyone is looking for the reasons why it is not, simply.
„The earth is too hard and it can not be kicked.“ Pete complained.
„You’re weak as a tea, get it here, and watch the master.“ Jirka boasted a little.

He took a pepper from Pete and was about to dig. He tried to get enough of his strength and, surprisingly, the work moved forward. When the boots began to fall into the boots, they went to them and went on badly when they found out that they were too hot to work in the shorts. When they could not and were kicked half a foot deep, they decided to relax.
They fell to the nearby forest moss and looked at the trees. After a while, Squirrel began to move.
„Squirrel! You see her! „Pety said joyfully.
„I see, we will follow her, perhaps he will lead us to the nest.“ Jirka decided.
The boys, therefore, walked cautiously as the squirming squirrel in the trees. She is deliberately led to the depth of the forest. Boys sometimes crossed the bushes, overflowing tree trunks, and also had to avoid many Blackberries.
Sometimes Veverka disappeared, then suddenly appeared elsewhere than they were watching. But at one point she really disappeared. Somewhere she got up and was no longer.
„So what now?“ Jirka asked.
„Well, let’s dig a bark,“ Pety answered simply.
„And do you know where we are? And do not say that in the woods, I know that too! „Jirka said, and he was a bit nervous, but it did not last long.
„We will try to go back in our footsteps.“ He suggested Péťa and went in the direction that hardly heard any voices from the camp, or it was just a shame.
The boys dressed only in the most needy and bored on the return journey wondered how far they could go and when they might find the camp. They hear some of those voices, but it’s certainly not out of the camp.
And it was not, they reached the passage for a moment, where the squad of boyfriends stopped, the neighboring girl’s camp, and now they were on their quest.
As they saw Jirka and Peta, they laughed. The boys were a little dirty, a little jerky and a little rubbish. The boys somehow started to be ashamed of their imperfect clothes, but the girls did not mind.
The guides showed them the right direction, and with good luck wished to say goodbye to them.
At the place where the new pit had to be, the leader of Ackel stood, and he was probably annoyed. That was how Jirka and Petya thought.
„Where did you guys go around, it’s long after the snack, and you nowhere?“ He asked them.
„Well, we were tracking the Squirrel, and it brought us somewhere unknown, and then we got a little lost, and so, well.“ Jirka said slowly, waiting for what was going to happen.
„Well, Squirrel will not do your job for you, no matter what it’s done for lunch.
How would you like to lose a few points for your club? „Akela agreed and left.
„You see, your Squirrel has cooked it, and we have not even gotten a snack at all!“ He started on Pirka Jirka.
„That’s not my Squirrel, and you agreed to track her down,“ Peťa said.
„Do not talk and kick,“ Jirka decided.

Before the signal came calling for the campers for lunch, the pit for the new latrine was dug out, and the boys were still able to bathe and wash in the creek.
Before lunch, they could tell about the adventure with Veverka.
On the afternoon hot day, however, he had time to plan their own personal totems. The advantage was that the other boys from the company also gained this activity. Hunting for a suitable log in the forest, where it is more pleasant than on the meadow, took less than an hour. The boys have found a nearby Grappa, a strong branch, near the village.
„It was in the big thunderstorm that she drove through here, just take it all together.“ He told them the locals.
The boys, however, did not need a strong branch, took only the necessary part, and the rest helped to remove them to the right place. They received praise and refreshing lemonade.
In the camp, they have already taken their knives, different designs and different sharpness. Someone was doing well because he was more skillful and no other carving was possible. There was no need for small cuts, and so it can be said that the totems that were created were redeemed both by hard work and by the blood of some boys.
In the end, the company earned praise for an imaginative evening.