Non-burning stove, Wasp and shopping in the village. / Netáhnoucí kamna, Vosa a nákup ve vsi.

 Non-burning stove, Wasp and shopping in the village.
Story third.

The third cloth house is home to two of the best buddies.
Pety, whose height does not correspond to age. He has over 150cm in his eleven years. The other friend is Jirka, a twelve-year-old silent and rather a fearful boy. Moreover, the head is lower. So some adults at school think that Petya is older and Jirka younger.
This couple has decorated her canvas house with pictures from the Skaut Junák magazine. Thus, various instructions and advice. Maybe to cook delicious white coffee on hot ash and no classic coffee. How to build a tent from several celts and the like.
Today is the third day of the summer camp. The morning was as good and cool as the previous two. The boys are not new to the camp, their first camp was last year and many learned it. Maybe not have a dull ax, knife or saw.
This must not be left in the grass and still overnight. Then she rips, dulls, and has to grind. Last year’s camp was Jirka’s, he’d been looking for his ax for three days when he found her at a heap of landscapes on the edge of a meadow.
The boys are from the company of Kamzík and their company has a service in the kitchen today.
Superior Superior has been distributing tasks and kicking the boy in the morning. The guys are just a bit harty but they know that if everything goes on today, they will score points and that’s what they are going to do.
Pety was given the task of thawing the stove, so he was thrilled with this very welcomed and the boys‘ award-winning task.
But light small rattles in the cold stones go, chips from it, but then everything goes out, it chokes.
Pety is not giving up and still and still trying to do one thing – Make fire in the stove. It looks a bit like a chimney, a soot of smudge on the face, and the hands on the elbows also do not say anything about purity. Finally, around the stove, there are more sticks, shavings, ashes and other things that Peta tries to use.
After half an hour, Sup.
„What are the stoves we need to brew tea and coffee?“ He asks.
„They do not want to get some stomachs.“ He responds a little with Pety’s fear.
„I’ll catch you and fly to Kopriv!“
Naoko is angry with Sup, but then goes and shows Peta’s trick, how to drive the cold air from the stove, and pipes. He picks up the last mule at the pipes and lights up about two handfuls of tiny rattles when he catches it, so the Sup has masked it.
Then he simply made the fire in the stove cool.
„When you get a little bit upstairs, take a soap, a towel and go out to wash, you look like a chimney,“ he finally told Petya Sup.
Meanwhile, the pots of tea and Melta landed on the stove.
The stove went to work, she decided to be obedient. So he loaded them up, told Susa that he was going to the washroom and ran to a wash job.
Tábor stood up, a warm up, but no one, the boys wrestled, both in the wrestling games, one against one and then the other against the party.
The task was to put the opponent on the blades. Whoever was lying down counted up to ten, and then he could fight again.
The morning program ran not only in the camp but also in the kitchen.
After breakfast, there was no power to wash, and so Sup split the boys into pairs. One took care of completing the woodcarpet and its pre-filling for the service, the other two scratching for all the Potatoes for lunch, and the last couple of Sup and Jirk, went to soup cooking and main course. They also prepared a snack at eleven in the morning. At that, Jirka managed to make sure that if you slap Vosu to the table, it would give you a sting. Jirka giggled and quickly pulled Vosu out of his palm. His palm dragged him and prevented a little work.
Even the onions did not help.
At midday calm he was really quiet. Tábor’s kitchens were clean, the tables were wiped out, and they were already serving those who wrote something in the diary, not those who played an interesting board game.
But the boys from the company were better off in the cool shade of the forest and wished to be somewhere near the water.
How short is the time of lunch.
Tábor, at the appointed time, ran in his day-to-day activities. Even our guys Petya and Jirka got the job of good men or older boys. They will buy some small items into the village. They were already planning to enjoy their journey, where they would stop talking, with whom they would talk, and the time would be so refreshing in the creek. But the shopping list spoiled their plans a bit.
Bread, flour, and vegetables would still work. But, supper is to be a slurry and the milk must be brought in time. So they probably omit the digging. And for the whole purchase, they’ll take the pot. They will not have to carry them on their backs and in the bags in their hands.
Lord, that’s what they’re going to do.
And they were also going. The trip to the village was great, almost everything came out of the boys as they planned.
But, before drinking somehow, one circle began to shuffle.
„Look, Jirko, the little thing is strangely going,“ Pety said.
„What is wrong, is the wrong way, so it’s going crazy.“
He solved the whole thing with Jirk.
They bought everything, all loaded into a bow and set off the camp. The journey went well, they met a couple of friends, they talked together about what he is doing now and how he goes from the village to the world. In front of the woods along the field, boys parted with the children.
On the field and halfway through the forest path began to tilted over the left hand as it rolled out. Jirka now saw that Pety was right, „So what now?“ „It’s still far away in the camp.“ Petya asked again, „Let’s try to fix it, maybe it will.“ Jirka replied. They unloaded the dice, turned the wheels up, and found that the shaft was broken. At the point of break, she bent and threatened to break. „What are we gonna do about it?“ It was the second question of the Peta question about the state of the crack. „We’re bringing a stronger branch to that pole.“ How they did so. The laces and Péť’s belt served as a rope. He then had to hold his short trousers to keep him from falling. The heavy milk bottles moved into their backpacks, and they only carried a lighter purchase on their knees. Although they got to the camp slowly but on time. From Supa, his counselors were praised for their timely arrival and for the ingenuity they had advised. (Kárka then went to the village to repair smiths in the next day.) The rest of the day was spent by the company Kamzík and Petya and Jirka in perfect condition. Dinner was good and nothing, absolutely nothing left. They delivered the service on time and in order. They also had enough time for their evening outings to have an early evening bath and swim in a nearby pond. It’s shortly before the evening, Jirka writes his day to his diary, the flashlight is on it, the tent is already dark. And Petya fell asleep when he leaned and covered himself with a blanket.