Rainy day. / Deštivý den.

 Rainy day. Deštivý den

Story Five.

It’s really raining from night to night, the cold water behind the neck of two scouts, Kaya, and Stand from the canvas house number five. The night patrol is in itself a frightening idea for boys and girls who are the first time in a camp. Standa and Kaja tried their camp baptism three years ago when they entered the division as the Vltava.
They now have their tenth night camp camp already in their three years.

„I will never get used to it, I would rather sleep.“ Standa says when he is taken out of the dream in the dark in the night and must dress and watch the rest of the other brothers‘ sleep.
Kája is looking forward to seeing the night patrol.

„That’s such comfort and peace. You can explore the stars and observe some nightlife and nobody gives you anything to do. „

Now the guys ride behind the neck of the tracksuit collar when they round the camp. Before they take a raincoat from their canvas. The rain is caught somewhere between the kitchen and the actual camp circle. But it is not so cold that they should hide and tremble afraid that they will be cold.
It is raining, quite dense and raindrops bobbing into canvas houses in an attempt to break the canvas and wash out their inhabitants. But that never happened to them.
They set up their successors at the appointed time, who will continue their night watch. Such a handover to the patrol itself is quite responsible and can not be so. The new patrol is done by the camp, and then everyone in the dining room will carry out the surrender ritual. The old patrol passes a new patrol, alarm clock, whistle, lantern, stick, and that’s it. They want a quiet night, or whisper a few sentences and sentences on the subject of the day, the day or the next day, or on a quite different subject. For example, the Sessions did not squeeze Kangaroos, or vice versa. And what will happen to me?

It is not just so much to get on the night watch. There must be a flashlight or a candle, and there is a need for matches, but sometimes the matches are not supposed to be and the strike lamp. So everything has to be done in an incredibly dense darkness. It’s easy to get out of the way, but finding a sleeping bag is worse.
That’s what the boys are constantly saying that they are carefully preparing for the patrol this time. „You know how it always ends up.“ He says one or the other.
Even today, it happened again. The candlelight is lit in the daylight, the candle and the matches are where they are supposed to be, the clothes for the night too. But somehow after the night patrol it’s completely different. The guys get into their sleeping bags only in shorts, a T-shirt and try not to stitch the scar until morning. Fortunately, the night is warm.
In the morning after the night watch somehow he does not want to get up. But the inexorable wake-up is not left to sleep. But it also has its own advantage, the nightwear it sleeps in is just right for the morning’s warm up. And so, for the change, let’s wait for those brothers who have to make the right arrangements. But nothing has changed since night. It rains. Now it is raining for all the exercisers, small and large, for boys and adults. The rain in these lands can be long enough, everyone knows. And so a substitute program for rainfall is prepared.
The warm-up was not long today, it was more of a raining. At least the boys have washed and can be in the tents for breakfast.
Kája and Standa, after they were dressed in dry clothes, were cleaned. Such cleansing points can move or knock down their companion and their cloth house in scoring either up or down.
They also found matches and dry, beautifully lying under Stand’s sleeping bag, a sparkling lamp, too, in a mysterious way. But what they had not found out of the night was the tall candle, only a few crumbs left. Some field mice enjoyed her first, then carried her whereabouts.
At the time of the morning’s arrival, the weather waxed, and it was just a little frosty, so the morning’s arrival and the raising of the national flag were as customary in Scout’s costumes. On some boys, on their shirts, they could see that the rainwater had just come to them. Nothing, however, prevented them from dressing them. Today, the costume discipline is also evaluated, once and sometimes twice behind the camp. And these are little valuable points. Wizards are bypassing their companions and looking at every boy, adjusting the scarf here and there, or indicating that the shirt is tucked into the pants. They themselves are then tested by their brothers.

How strange it was, when it started, it was raining again. The camp meets in the dining room and the training, training, and testing of Morse’s alphabet is on schedule. Each company occupied its table and in a moment the counselors explained what and how it is to Morse, especially to those who know it, but they do not care. Those who control Morseow at least so that they can take and write, get the lyrics in Morse and work. At midday the campers move to their tents and take their soup spoon.     It will be a special game. The leader sends a short word to Morseovec by knocking on the sub-set. The guys write it down and then it goes from tent to tent. Somebody enjoys it, another is angry that he does not understand, and others just listen to the fact that in his head the signal is straightforwardly translated into the very word.
As time passed, some boys did a little the rains of rain fall asleep. At midday, when the rain was still on the summer scout camp, Stando lay on his bed and wondered if, when he touched the celts, he would start to run into the tent. Many times everyone was told that it was so and no one could ever touch the cages in the rain. But, is it true? Has anyone tried it? „“ You Kayo, have you tried to touch the raincoat now? „Standa asked,“ What a stupid thing that can not be done, then it will come to you, „Kája said,“ I will try what you say? „Not just Standa.“ And then I’ll drop you a scroll if I run around my throat! „Kája said a little bit. Finally, he tried this untested experience of Standa. Where he had legs in his bed, he formed a circle of a circle about two centimeters on the celtic and waited for what was going to happen. For a moment, the rain was regularly drumming on the celt, and obediently sloping down on the grass. But then it came, a small drop was formed first, which stayed for a moment at that moment, so it slowly grew wider than the blanket. It was obvious to Stan that he had a problem. Kaya read a Verneo and paid no attention. It was only when Standa began to shudder with him. As soon as he realized what had happened, he began to laugh, quite loud. Standa was tired of it, one drop after another fell into his hands and he did not know what to do next. The Escalans were on the kitchen table and in the tent there was only a field bottle. What now? So the guys removed the blanket, moved the pallets a bit, and the rainwater dripped through the bed into the grass. „But what am I going to do at night? If it does not stop raining, „Standa almost queried. „Well, you will sleep in the pond,“ Kaya said, and then he went back to Vernea. It was afternoon that Standa was afraid of what the evening would be like if one of the leaders had to decide what to do with it and so on. Eventually the sun turned up in the late afternoon and finally ceased to rain. The meadow, the woods and the canvas houses under the heat of hot sun rays began to mate and dry. And before it was time to sleep, it was summer again how it should be. Everything was dry and the clothes he had forgotten yesterday. And Standa gained a new experience. The celt does not rain in the rain.