Sports Day. / Sportovní den.

Sports Day. 

Story Four. Sports Day.
How this sporty day can look like the eyes of two Wolfs, Honza, and Michal. Let’s go and listen, let’s see, let’s talk.
The boys inhabit the fourth cloth house in the camp circle. Their goal is not points and they are the first at all costs, they do not even try to make a tent or clean clothes. They just are here and enjoy the camp. They do not mind the fact that they bring about half of the clean clothes. And if their counselor Akela sometimes did not see them, they would have spent the whole camp in just one of the shorts and a shirt.
Today is a sporting day. And everyone is looking forward to what the leadership has done for them.
It started with a proper warm-up, the night was cold and climbing into the ice creek and lying in the running water, it could look like a punishment. But there is no punishment in the camp and the scouts. It is such a secret test of courage and hardening of the body. Many boys, if they were alone, would not get into the water. But in such a team, self-consciousness and a slight fear of the other boys say that I do not come to the ladder and two years younger boy.
Everyone had this awesome warm-up. In the end, it was pretty good. Because in a moment they were all warm without knowing how it was possible.
Michal was the last to the creek, and he still preferred the other guys when it seemed to give up. He did not give up. Even when his tears fell into his eyes when he lay in the water. He poked it with water from the stream. Perhaps no one noticed.
In the morning, an athletic race took place. In his run for a kilometer he lost his tennis shoe and ran without her. Even though he’s ten, he can not keep his shoes even worse. It’s better to go. He finally finished and in the overall evaluation of this discipline he placed himself in the category of „Vlčat“ in third place. It was joy and the lost sinker lay there in between until the evening before going to the forest.

In other sports, the muscles of the hands had to be exerted. Such a bar is just a pole over something, but it’s all done. Someone has done one shyb, someone nobody and the oldest guys even managed ten! Lord, that’s what to say.
Michal and Honzik tried, but only their skeleton excelled. She needs to wrap her muscles.
Ripping or stinking is a dream for every boy. Now the block is launched into the distance, then the height and finally, which is the most complex on the target. It depends a lot on how much it gets cracked, but that’s what it was said to be, a man-made bat. They cut and mold it yesterday afternoon to dinner, and the block was made by leaders, several blocks. Which one would have broken, or it would not fall out of the sky.
Everyone has five attempts, one of which does not count. But, it is not so, the non-counting attempt will be determined at the beginning. Perhaps it will be the number three attempt that will not count. And it happens that the third try is the best! This is the same thing as the hand made bat, you can tap.
But it did. Everyone managed to determine such an attempt where he did not do much.
After lunch and after lunch, reading about the Pirates, an afternoon swing took place in force disciplines such as lounging the opponent on the ground and putting it on the ground not on the blades but on his stomach and keep him for at least five seconds.
Here the division was divided into younger boys and older ones, ie Scouts and Swans. Finally, when the game ended, it was decided that the Vltava could give away the scouts. It was quite tough, but the younger ones did not have much chance, but they were more aggressive. So the older guys could not speed up their opponents very quickly.
Even in this feast with proper fraternal rules and caution, it has sometimes happened that someone wrongly put a hand or a leg somewhere and got a little worse. But a few tears were worth it, there was a lot of laughter and cheering. Michal suffered a small scratch on his face with his older friend as he fell on the grass and was still smothered. A harder bruise had been signed on his right face. They noticed the others after the game.
There is also a slight slope at the camp, where barrels can be thrown. Bottom below the slope is the boundary, the goal where the competitor is to finish. We all were on a slope in a squat and waited for a command to roll. As soon as the start was heard, everyone started rolling down, but it was not straight for everyone, so the fighters fell and collapsed and started to roll again to the finish. Only some gave up. Here the order was not determined, each was the winner.
It was almost evening, however, as a reward for all-day effort was declared swimming and swimming in the pond. Each party determined itself when it would go to the water. The one who swiftly changed swimsuits was already on the way. Only the company of the Storks was delayed, Honzík could not find a towel that had already been eaten as a dishcloth in the kitchen, and had no swimsuit.
Michal helped him find him, but he did not know where it might be, since he had a swimsuit yesterday and the towel hado in the washroom. He has solved Akela’s problem rigorously. „Some towel was found behind the washroom, so it ended up in the kitchen, it would probably be him. And swimsuit seems to be still on a drizzle. Move it quickly, let’s go! „Johnny looked guiltily and ran out of his tent, tent as a battlefield. Everywhere there was a suit, the suitcase was open, and something dropped from the pocket too. It’s evening, sings at the fire, the day is judged, the results of the game are announced, and only Honzik and Michal clean up his cloth house with the flashlight. They do not mind, they know they will join their brothers at the camp fire for a little while, and they will also listen to cloth house stories.