Stories from canvas houses. / Příběhy z plátěných domečků.

Stories from canvas houses.

The story first. How many inhabitants got the house.

The loft house means a tent with a backpack at the Summer Scout camp of the Track Pavlovice section. The cloth house number one gained two uninhabited inhabitants for a long twenty-one day. Jendu and Pavlik. Boys grow up, kissing to laugh. But at their age, everybody is ten years old, it’s normal. Boys like running, climbing where you look, floating occasionally like a bricklayer hammer and eating to get a shot. One blonde, the other hair as black. Their eyes are shining even in the greatest darkness.

The hikers are staying, Pavlik and Jenda carry their stuffed pallets from a nearby farm, they fall into the grass for a moment, and they appreciate its softness, the scent of hay and the fact that it does not hurt. But what does not happen, Jenda, in such a playful fall, falls into a nest on the Wasp’s nest. As he lying and enjoying his palm, the Wasps begin to circle around the strange thing that blocked their entrance into the nest, and the Wasps that remained in the nest slowly sneered at the other nearby entrance. They barely figured it out, set the alarm, and on the unscrupulous, unsuspecting Jenda they launched an attack. Jend’s painful and impatient scream frightened a couple of brothers, carrying only his palm in his arms, after finding out what had happened, putting the pallets in the hands of all the boys into a very quick plunge into the canvas cottages. Only Jend’s remained on the Vosim nest, and Jenda ran into a nearby creek Samotec. There was not much water in the room, so Jenda had to jump around to get rid of Vos after a while. Still, his tiny body, gained about eight bodices, and some reminded of the absent muscles of Jend’s arms and legs.

Finally, Pavlikovy and his friends managed to take the straw from Vosí’s nest to take the right place. To cloth house number one. Jenda finished for a while in the care of a medical assistant, who drove Vos with a kind of hot drink, and when Jenda became angry, he always said it would be good for him to fall into the week. But Jenda was not sure how he’d be sitting all week. Meanwhile, in Pavlik’s cloak house he arranged their common shelf. From a large heap of planks he chose the most appropriate one. He watched as older boys do it. And he did not want to ask anything except to look like he did not know anything. Unfortunately, when one nail was hammered, he managed to set off a spider’s stick. And the canvas roof of the house shifted boldly to shake. It is necessary to tell them what the spider is like, it is a lattice structure that is attached to its own undercoat and is tied to the canvas of the tent. As soon as the canvas roof slid to one side, the horrible boys from the compartment sprang to help. Even though they were laughing a bit, and even if they were saying something about the greens, the accident was a short while ago, and the house was once again a little house. Now twenty-year-old Honzik took over Pavlík and Jenda. He told them what and how to do, where to nail and how to measure everything. Something showed them to them, but Jenda and Pavlik had to stand up for the vast majority of the work. Before the Hitchhiker was summoned for lunch, the canvas house was almost settled by our pair – Pavlik and Jenda.

The evening was the first evening, and before they fell asleep for the first time in their canvas house, they could still remember the afternoon fight for the flag. As their party won for a moment, she lost for a moment, and Pavlik was really heartbroken at one moment and raucous when he lost the battle of a scarf in the waist with an eight-year-old boy. So he was sure he would win the bumpy friend from the division, but only a moment’s thoughts and without a scarf. Finally he calmed him with his kind word and a piece of chocolate, the head of the Akela section. Their team of Storks was the second. Jenda also had one of his personal adventures, and his adviser, Cajman, sent him to the post office to announce that they had arrived and picked up their shipment there. Cayman also recommended Jenda to dress properly. And so Jenda took his long pants, socks, shirt, and if it was colder, he would have thought about the jacket. When Cayman and the other guys saw him, they broke into a laugh of humor. Jenda was already slowly crying, but then Akela told him,

„Genius, take off the shirts and take a t-shirt instead of your shirt, and you just need a cloth, instead of a half-boot. Then you can go to the village. „

The village met not only old people but also groups of children. The little ones did not mind him, the elders had a bit of a fear. He, a stranger boy in their village. What if it’s a bust. When he came out of the post office, where he had settled everything, older children at his age were waiting for him in front of him, and a little older.

„Who are you?“ The oldest boy asked.

And so Jenda had a little worried about everything about the summer camp and about a month. Finally, it turned out that the children were happy to come to see the camp, and the boys again showed interest in a joint football match. Jenda promised what he could, he became friends with all the children and went to the camp. Not only did he accomplish the task, he also got a basket of Cherries, and some fresh vegetables, and if he had ten hands, he would bring to the camp and Králik, Kozle and other gifts from the hands of village children. One beautiful today One and Pavlik discovered Pavlik that he does not have to be ashamed to opt for any of the skills and ask for help Jenda again found out that the fear is big eyes and that the good word forms friendship.Tabor was already sleeping slowly in canvas cottages the boys were put to sleep, or they wrote their diary there. Even our boys in their first big camp camp, they fell asleep without knowing how.