The Fox rock. / Liščí skála

Story fourteenth. Fox Rock.

The Fox Rock is near the camp and turns off over the woods. It is a small sandstone needle, it can not climb much, but many of the Mravkolvs live at her heels.
The rock is in a sunny location, so even the nearby ants are not in need.
Bobr’s band has long ago found this place, and if anyone who had the day off and wanted to see the Mravkoley, he had the opportunity. It was very good here to watch sleep and even miss some activity in the camp. It then knew who and where to look.
Also, none of the boys allowed or attempted to put his finger in the funnel to Mravkolv. Such a bite would be unpleasant.
One day he talks to Ondra, Pepa.

„What if we tried to climb the rock?“
„It probably will not work, I’ve been looking at how it might be, but I have not found anything.“ Pepa replied.
„So we’ll borrow some of that rope and try to get a bit of a ride, there’s a bunch of them.“ He did not let Ondra be disappointed.

This has not happened on this day, nor is the second one, and then it has been forgotten in the faith of all activities.
The division was involved in the forestry brigade and just near the Liščí rocks. It was pulled down by a bigger pile, it would not be burned, the hayman told them, it was quite dry and could catch the forest.
Even so, the boys did well, and they called for the biggest stack, the big goblins were enough and four piles grew slowly. Beavers called their Liščí skála. After two hours of work, the leaders announced a snack, the gaits on the passage diminished, and the enthusiasm for building the heaps dropped.
The beavers climbed onto their pile and surveyed how far they would see, how tall they were, and sometimes they fell from it. It did not go without the scratches from the branches.
Before the start of the next working round, the man came and the boys praised for their diligence. He only reminded himself that he would rather be for more small stacks.
Consequently, the competition ended and continued to compete in the most tainted clefts of the pasture.
In the afternoon, the activities of the societies were separate.
Ondra had advised the counselor of Bidla to try to climb the Liščí rocks.

„Somehow it has to go, there’s an iron circle above.“ He insisted on Ondra.
„It is, at two meters, the first skewer, hidden above the small overhang.“

And so Bobr’s team set out to try to overcome the Liščí rocks. First of all, they chose the biggest one, that is, in Kaya’s suite, with another tall and lightest brother on his shoulders, Standa. With the help of such a set, they got to the first sketch and could tie the rope on it and begin to try to climb to the next skew with the eye.
At first, everything went well, but it was not easy with increasing height.
Bidet and a few older boys climbed to the top.
The others crawled as high as they recognized as appropriate, someone in half the other a bit lower and another higher.
The bobsleighs were devoted to the rest of the afternoon.
This adventurous afternoon ended with bathing in a nearby pond. In order to flush the sand, which had fallen well.