Twins / Dvojčata


Story eight.

Vladislav, if Lada and Milos, or Mila are twins. Almost indistinguishable, only their parents can do well. Almost brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure, and the height corresponding to the age of eleven boys‘ boys.
Boys know that a stranger is hardly born, who is who and so will sometimes use this fact. And sometimes they do not pay for it.
Maybe when she was to go to the dentist once. Lada is braver and she is not afraid she did not go there. But once a year, he must. She tried to send a brother for herself, but it did not work out, but the dentist simply found it, and the reward for both of them was paternal punishment, that is, instruction and spanking.
In the section, twins will recognize only when their nature is reflected. Strange Lada goes to all the fighting games with enthusiasm and great spirits, while Mila also likes to play but cautiously and occasionally infuriates the boys in the party.
Láďa and Míla twins can also be distinguished in swimming, sporting, or just in shorts. Since Mila has a pea-sized toy on her right shoulder and Lada does not.
The boys also like to try to find out if the others are recognizing them, maybe they’ll be in bed in their canvas house, and the patrol will be the one who should not.
And so. Once they went to the racing party for the versatile fighter of the division. If one of them was called to the sporting discipline, the second one went instead and vice versa. Dohru had a small sibling, as Lada succeeded in several disciplines, but in reality it was Mila.
But Láďa won the scout patch. Finally, boys were punished by their sports scores being canceled. And after a while, they had the opportunity to correct and deserve their patchwork.
Here at the camp the boys agreed that if they were sports or skills, they would play honestly and would not spoil each other.
It is always up to the others to know who and what the other person is going to do or what to do.
She liked to read a lot of adventure books, and he read and read it for a long time with the flashlight under the sleeping bag and read almost until the third morning. Then he somehow fell asleep.
And in the morning he had to go to the village with Ondra. It was six o’clock in the morning, the sun was already warming the meadow and the first cloths. Mila was beckoned by Ondra, but he did not want to get up after almost night. So he tried the method again for his own twins, as his brother Lada. And Ondra, in order to fulfill the given shopping task, made a real Lada. When he learned to go to the village, he thought for a moment, knowing that Mila had awakened him.
He looked at him, but he was sleeping again.
So he went for the purchase. After returning from the village, the camp slowly got up, there was not a wake-up call, who did not sleep cautiously, and could quietly go to the woods and so on. Especially nobody wake up and then be on time on the worse.
Lada took the icy water from the brook and went back to his can vas house.  He pulled the sleeping bag out of Mille and slowly poured the ice into the ice, Milo’s forehead. Nothing happened for a moment, then at times Mila had wiped the water out of her face but slept on. When he was almost gone, he woke up. Surprised he could not speak. Only when he realized the situation.
„What are you doing?! Why are you lying on the water for me? „
„To know when to go to bed and when to get up.“ He called Mila Láďa and ran away from the house as Mila tried to catch him.
What was left, the camp knew it a while ago, and waited for the retaliation of Mila.
Mila did not think anything, she was aware of her mistakes. After the exercise, everything that was wet took him to dry the sun. Pillow, pantyhose and pajamas. At least, after a long time, she was thoroughly cleansed under the bed.
How to make use of the fact that twins have been devised by the counselor of Bobra, Matěj. For the scene of the campfire, Láďa reflected the mirror and Mila, a man who looked at the mirror and made funny moves and slides before him.
The scene was successful, and she earned her well-earned success and applause.
Just some of the twins in each compartment must be. It brings a lot of fun and a little worry.
When a pudding is made to snack, they are able to come up with the fact that one was already there and the other one, he did not, and vice versa.
So watch the twins.