Yours mine. / Půjčování všeho.

Yours mine.

Story twelve.  A cloth house of twelve people inhabited the boys in an age very close to each other, one being ten years and the other thirteen years old. But, they do not mind, they do not interfere and they are the right boys to be. Viktor’s ten years, and William’s thirteen years, and they are siblings, so their brothers. Yes, sometimes there is a little quarrel or a big fight when one tries to convince someone else.
If he does not drop one of his positions, there is a moment of silence until both of them are wise.
The boys are from the bunch of Kamzesky, they came to it together and stayed there.
They would not change for nothing. As they say, it’s so good at Kamzesky.
Viky and Vilém are helping out how best they can and their things lend themselves to each other, and they seem to have everything once and not everyone. However, some personal things can not be borrowed.
Maybe Vilem can not lend Viktor, even clean, shorts or socks. Also his trousers and t-shirts are small. Other things like to borrow if he can not find his. Viky in these garments has a great advantage. All of William’s clothing is either just, or he is big, and he plunges on his tiny figure. Changing your costume shirt is easy, but the result. Vilem has short sleeves and does not climb the collar, Viky is nearly drowned in William’s shirt.
As for shoes, it’s similar. Viky can enjoy any Vilém shoes, Vilém only Viktor’s boots and slippers.
While eating, it is as if the boys eat only one eschus, Viky of little eshus and Vilém of the great, while both boys have a complete set of eusu and use only their own. Toothbrush lends toothbrushes, depending on how it is forgotten in a cloth house.
If they want to take ragdoll balls or kpz for a game, it’s a long debate about who’s who and sometimes he’s going to the prank. This must always be done by František’s advisor.
The section has a common working tool and everyone can borrow it as it needs, but it must also return it. Viky and Wilhelm like to abuse this option, and one on the other is shouting who borrows if he does not return in time. Occasionally, the rebellion of the party leaders is also done.
So is Viky and Vilém. Guys how it belongs.
The camp slowly leaned to its end, and a night patrol came out on Viky and Vilém. Who would be afraid, there are no newcomers or boys from the city that must be lit everywhere. And at that light is a difficulty. For two days they can not find their lights.
And to shine on the patrol with a candle, it is not good. One blames guilty on the other that he has borrowed the lantern and then stalks her somewhere and can not be found now. I would be scared about it, but it was not time. Eventually he borrowed the lantern from other brothers.
Vilem attached a knot cord to the lantern and tied the other end to his belt. That he does not put his torch anywhere, nor lend it to his brother.
Vicki with disobedience had to endure such fraternal dignity.
The night patrol was calm two hours before the dawn, they were filled with the sound of the Owl, the distant mocking of the train, they watched the Bats flight for a while, and they listened to the hedgehog as loudly and loudly as possible. It was as if somebody went to the kitchen bush.
After handing over the patrol and returning to the canvas house, they put on a still short sleep. Vile’s trousers on which he had a tied lantern he had secured under his head. It will return the lamp in the morning and everything will be fine. When he picked up the pillow and other clothes, which also formed the headboard, he found both the two lost lights, lying just below the house. That was a great joy, and a bit of a whine of Viky. Finally, the boys settled down and, in a moment, they fell asleep.
The clock was less than two hours left.