A new home. / Nový domov.

Part Eighty-third. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
A new home.

In Istanbul, they moved on to another train, now moving under more modest conditions to Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast. Everyone here had to go through customs control, and prior to embarking on the ship, the Palestinian officials checked the papers, and each questioned, and so on. It was time to board the steamboat, it was a very interesting sight and experience for the boys.
It was a moment of deregulation and forgetting to be separated from the loved ones. And moments before meeting with your own parents in a new homeland.

Otta and Hynek and other new friends during the voyage not only experienced sea sickness, but they also crawled and inspected each ship on a ship full of emigrants. They had a good understanding of Hebrew as well as German. So they did not have any trouble making friendly contacts. However, the common moments of seating at sunset into the sea have forced them to remember a bit of home in Bohemia.
For the first time, they saw the Dolphins and other large marine animals, so far they could only read about them in textbooks or atlases. One day he was under the control of Tell Aviv, the harbor, and then a large number of people on the pier in the harbor. Where are the parents then, the boys thought how we found them. Even this unpleasant thing at first sight was easy, the co-ordinator left the boys in the care of the family they traveled with, and then they all moved to port buildings, something like a modern check-in terminal.
Here, again, the officials held their work, passports, papers, questions, and finally the right direction to the places where Fathers and Hynek would have to wait. With the family they came to Palestine-Israel, the boys farewell, but they believed they would meet again.
The crowd surrounded the boys, heard various voices, saw different, unseen things, but they did not pay attention. The boys slowly but surely walked in the right direction with one single question. What if the parents are not there?
What then? It was, of course, a fear. Hynek once noticed the famous figures and exclaimed –

„There they are, there are dad and mom and yours are there too!“

„Where? I do not see them. „Otto asked.

 But, a crowd of people once again covered the view of their parents. Now, the boys were happier and harder than they had been to the places where their parents waited. They were not far away when they saw each other. In a moment they all welcomed in embrace, and some teasing was.
Now all were waiting for the road to the south, to Jerusalem.
On the way to the truck, the boys were telling and asking. Like their parents, they could not bend their sons, how they grew up, how they lived, where they were, who cared for them, and so on. Surely he will talk about long days.
By evening, they had come close to Jerusalem’s watch, and a few miles past the sign with the inscription JERUSALEM. They entered their new home into their new homeland.


The beginning, the course and the end of the story can be completely fictional or even true.
Let the reader decide for himself.
However, how many similar unwanted stories occurred during World War II? Certainly many and no one, they almost do not know about them.

July 9, 2018

Vitezslav Cermak – Atan