After war. / Po válce.

Part seventy-eight. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
After war.

Again the school started, it was sometimes unpleasant to get up in the morning, but always after a while, it was as if everything was done, washing, cleaning in the form of occasional fight with pillows, helping with preparing breakfast, packing and checking the school bag and writing a forgotten task.
The way to school with broken streets was sometimes fast, if it rained and occasionally long, if something interesting was observed in the streets, or there was a ball-like object.
And the goal on both sides was a school briefcase or a pair of bricks. It has always come to school in time.
Now, everything that had been known and known since the beginning of the school year was mainly repeated. Then they followed the written work and the testing and the catching up of the curriculum as they approached, a great summer vacation again, and all the children were already planning where to go and so on.
During the breaks, the school corridors and their corners changed into secret gambling dances, a line of sweets or matches. If it was possible to go to the school yard, every bit used to football, especially boys and girls like to jump or just talk.
In the afternoon after school, our boys would like to go on a football ring, but now they could say they were going to the Scouts section with a focus on sports and nature. And if they were not there, they were going through the deserted positions of German troops along the Elbe.
No, they always found something interesting to do the house. Pistols, grenades and other ammunition.

Belts and helmets and other things. They found some cans, soap and stuff. That’s what the house brought with joy.
Or they just ran through the streets with their arms outstretched and playing on the airplanes.
Once in such a search, they found an open entry into the drainage gorge, though they knew where the entrance was, but they had never found it. Just right now. But they go out into the darkness sometime.
One day after coming home from an adventurous search, Otto and Hynek, Dad says.
„There was a letter from the authorities, your parents found, as soon as they learned that the war was over, they wrote to the Czech Republic. It was a miracle that they came to Palestine. „
Otta and Hynek would jump to the height, but it was not possible in a small boy’s room. They immediately asked when they would see them and included many of Dad’s questions.
Throughout the evening, they talked about what they were there and were looking at the atlases where that Palestine is. They also regretted that they would move again, even to their parents, but to their friends and family. However, until then there is a little time.
On the second day after school, they visited the repatriation office with their father to find out what they needed to do so. They learned a lot and many had to be handled by the authorities, verified, confirmed, and so on.
Parents also decided that when Otto and Hynek would go home for their parents to Palestine, they would finish the school year. It’s just two months. And there is still a lot of adventure going on.