As we were close. / Jak jsme měli namále.

Part seventy-four. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
As we have had.

After a long winter, the spring gradually began to fall into the city, the snow melted, the birds sang, the sun in the cool wind trying to warm. But the cold was not going to give up, the days were snowing again and the frost gripped everything that had come to him. But it was not a bad win, until the last war year 1945, spring came. Our boys were slowly growing up from their short trousers, and they were already looking for what they could do once. But now, there was still a carefree boyfriend, not only a grumbling, a school, but also an attempt to divorce some of the Germans and their wizards. In their boyhood they saw everything very simply. And they have forgotten that many times they have come to the big problems. It was a beautiful spring day when everyone went after the school mourning for a very long time to the garden garden. The wall was still broken and a large number of German soldiers were replaced by military German youth. They were such a last hope of fascist Germany to win the war.

„Guys, we’ll do something to them, maybe we’ll drop their bikes on the cars they’ve got there.“
Jan suggested, and everyone agreed. Applause of the cars that stood at the castle wall and which nobody watched did not do such a job. And so, in a moment, the tingling of the air from the tires and the silent laughter of the boys were heard. But the boys have forgotten that someone can see them from the window. It also happened. In a moment, our adventurers were almost unnoticed to be surrounded by German youths, about their age.

„Betrayal! Run away! „Hynek shouted, and the boys froze on each other’s side, sometimes even on their backs and elsewhere, the bumps fell.
Not being Hynek’s attention, they would be caught, so they managed to disappear in the garden.
„Uf, that was just so.“ Tomas said, rubbing his painful shoulder with a single baton.
„What do we do next?“ Jan asked with a smile.
„Are not you enough?“ The other boys were not surprised.
Eventually they decided to play the football pitch at the river. There was peace in the nearby side streets, somebody walked in there, or just a tram, which was quite rare. From the corner of one corner, a passenger car with a black German cross on the hood.
Without anyone waiting, Jan took a slingshot from his pocket, bent over for a rock and fired at the car. He may not have counted on it, but it happened.

The boys were stiff, so it was a pretty big malaria, the car stopped, and a German officer with a baton in his hand stepped out of it. The car driver also stepped up, but he stood by the car.
The Officer walked to the boys and slapped the baton in the palm of his other hand. He did not have to ask who he was, the slogan in John’s hand was talking about everything. One movement and baton struck John into his stomach, jumping to the ground, and the other boys skidding.

The Officer would certainly continue to negotiate authority and order when the sirens sounded. It was another raid.
The officer once again struck John with a baton in his back, and quickly got into his car and left.
Jan let out a sore throat and tried to get up.
Pleasant and a little laughing, she says, „Dad will not be here. It’s just two bruises. „
The boys helped John to his feet and walked slowly down the deserted streets of the house. The sirens were silent, the bundles of bomber planes were seen in the sky. Today, Pardubice will not experience the raid.