Brethren. / Bratři. / אחים.

 Brethren. / Bratři.  / אחים.

After an adventure with the post, an adventure with a salty soup could come, but it was saved. A potato and a piece of bread were boiled in it. The soup was eaten all and still was missing to add.
It’s called camp, but it’s not just about sunbathing, swimming, peas in the woods about football in the meadow or about picking raspberries, blackberries and other wild berries. The camp is mainly about coexistence of different characters, various joys and worries. The camp is about a common arrangement of what will do, what to cook, so that it tastes everyone. The camp is also about helping one another. Not only do adults help children, that is, boys from seven to fourteen years old, but the younger ones help older boys and the older ones take care of the younger ones. The boys themselves can do much of what adults and often better, because they are closest to each other and know exactly how one or the other feels, what they think, what they do, their strength, what they can do, and on.
The guys are together all the time, while the adults are somewhat overseeing, and they’re not in most of the boy’s conversations, sometimes the adults don’t notice the cry of the youngest, or even the hidden sadness of the oldest boy.

The boys themselves form an infinite community of friendship, friendship and fraternity, often sealed with blood, along the lines of indigenous tribes, whether from America or Africa. And most of the time, the adult does not know, or he learns after many, many days or years.
Matěj and Ivan, from the canvas house number nine, have been inseparable friends since they started school together, actually met at the playground by the house, met with walks with their parents, and somehow their friendship and friendship began.
Of course, occasionally, all the fun, adventures, and trouble ended with a beating from the dad, or friendship overshadowed the cloud of drowning, boyish squabbles, and quarrel. They said they would never meet again and be friends, but the cloud of hostility had never lasted for a long time, melting like steam over a pot of salted soup that the leader of the troops had saved with their advice and endless good mood even when the boys had created a troubled problem and their The dads would use it with a belt.
One day Ivan tells Matěj.

„What if we were really brothers.“
„Hardly, we all have our family, like living together?“ Matěj doubted.
„You know how we were at Vinnetou’s movie theater, I thought it somehow.“ Ivan continued.
„Yeah, blood brotherhood, but you are afraid of the Mosquito, let alone cut.“ Matej laughed a little, but he knew Ivan was serious.
„I can do it, you’ll see I’m not afraid.“
„All right, brother, but what if somebody learns and what if they’re asking about that cut?“ Matthew wondered aloud.
„He won’t know, we’ll go to the cliffs today for a personal break and we’ll do it.“ Ivan planned.

Then they talked about how and what they would do. For the rest of the afternoon, a hunt for the Bear was planned for the section, not a real one, but Bear was one of the leaders of the section. The boys‘ task was to catch up with Bear and hit him with rag balls. The bear could only defend itself by climbing a tree, swimming over a pond or catching one of the boys and using it as a living shield. Eventually, before the end of the hunt, he was lost in the woods and was over. The boys were a little tired, dusty and sweaty, but they would keep hunting. The bath in the pond after the game came in handy to everyone.
Ivan and Matej disappeared into the rocks about their personal free time, and where they formed a canyon that used the section for years as a promising ravine, they sat on one of the boulders.

„So you really want to do that.“ Matej asked, not wanting to cause a slight injury, though he was looking forward to having a real brother. Sister’s fine, but she’s a girl.
„I want to, so let’s do it.“ Ivan replied and took out his knife, a small fish he had carved with her from the bark in the morning.

Matej also took out his knife, hesitated for a moment, but when he saw Ivan, who had overcome the fear of pain, cut a little into his palm, until blood began to flow from his wound, he also taught himself so quickly he cut himself into the palm of his hand.
Then they shook hands and it was.

„Brother“ said Ivan.
„Brother“ He also told Matthew.
„When one of us has trouble, we both have him.“
„And if you are home with us, there is all yours, and my mother is your mum and so, yeah.“ Ivan continued.
„Sure, we all have one thing in common.“ Matěj said, but he couldn’t quite imagine how he was signing the Pupil’s Book, Ivan’s dad.

The ranks on his palms stopped bleeding, and the boys ran to the stream to wash their blood from their hands. That would ask everyone in the camp what happened to them.
They were silent on the way to the camp, everyone was thinking about what he would bring to him, or what he would give up in favor of his new brother. But such a long time did not last, just until they came to a meadow where juicy sorreles were growing. It’s a delicacy, every boy from the camp.