Departure. / Odjezd.

Part Eighth Second. Tells Hynek (13) et al.

The last two days were packing in the trunks that little Hynek and Ottou did. Even with such a package, you can experience a lot of joy. Maybe Hynek gave Jan a large vase in the trunk, and then everyone was having fun when Hynek wondered what it was.
Or the closure of suitcases was a test of the physical fitness of boys. In the end, the mummy was wrapped up by the suitcases, and they were very easy to close.
Also, the boys were still able to say good-bye to their friends for sure that they will once again see each other. The ceremony took place both at the Třešň family and during the bathing in the Elbe.
It was all time for all this.
Evening at home remembered how the boys came to the family, a little bit of sorrow of good-bye was crying and then talked about the future and all the possibilities.
And today came the moment of departure to Palestine, exactly to Tel Aviv. There was a special train at the station that arrived from Prague, it was not long, just a few wagons and a dining car. Ottu and Hynek took over the coordinator of the relocation of the emigrants to Palestine, checked all the possible papers, and showed them their places on the train. There was one family in the coupé, and the boys took the same path to the same place.
She was still a moment before the train was going out, to say goodbye to Procházkovi. For Otto and Hynek, it was another family they had to say goodbye to. But they believed they were still there. At Prochazka they were from the spring of 1944 until the first post-war holiday days. They have spent many, as in every good family, now traveling to their Palestine for their parents. There was no tears and few tips on how to behave when traveling. They promised each other to write.
The dispatcher has already begun to whistle on the whistle and warn the passengers that it is time for the train to leave. They sat in the wagons and waved from the window with waving. The shipman picked up the tray and the train started to move.
As the train vanished out of sight, Procházka walked home. A little sad, but knowing that everything for Otto and Hynek was good.
There was a moment of silence on the train, then a lady from the family who traveled to Palestine asked the boys about their name and who they were heading for in Israel. She also introduced her family. Eventually, they traveled together perfectly. The train was a bed with its own dining car and modest bathroom facilities. The route was quite long, about 1,500 km to Istanbul. Via Budapest and Bucharest. On the way, there were enough long stops to go around the train, or take a bath near one of the nearby lakes. The stops were not long, but swimming was possible.
The landscape changed its shape, the more it was going south, the warmer the country was, and the landscape dried up. It was summer and here it is quite normal. They spent long journeys reading, playing with other children on the train, talking about Palestine, and learning, or rather improving, in Hebrew. Even the songs were heard, so the long weekly trip to Istanbul, Turkey, went very fast.