Easter. / Velikonoce.

Part seventy-fifth. Tells Hynek (13) et al.

It was almost a month behind that they had their own fight with the Germans, who did not have to finish well. Now they are Easter, and here in Pardubice, in the various black markets, they were looking for eggs, flour and other things that would make Easter prettier than other days.
The boys had the Vrbové wings over the river, where they like to bathe in the summer, but now there are German soldiers.
„What with this?“ 

Hynek asked and everyone was thinking. Either find the rods elsewhere, or they will not have grooves.
So they went to the places where no one of the boys and girls came from their neighborhood. On Cicak, there are newcomers from the White Suburbs, and whoever catches them and is not from them and alone, can end up in the Elbe or otherwise punish for dignity to enter their territory.

They went there on a sunny Saturday, told home that they were going to get the rods on the groves. At that, they received a small sermon to watch out for it or that.
The boys remembered very well what had been since their arrival in the last adventure with the Germans. And so they said between themselves that they would be „worthy.“

On their way to Ciche, friends met and some of them joined them, it was quite tempting to look for places where they would not go. This is how local guys from Cicak leave alone.
When they crossed the bridge and entered the street of the Mills, they felt quite afraid, they could still come back, but when they looked after they knew it would be a shame in their neighborhood. They could not go back.
They quickly got to the river and cut as many bars as they needed. It was not even known on the Vrbas. This time, nobody fell into the water and nobody liked anything. As soon as they wore their Vrbové rods they went again through this piece of town into their „fishing grounds“.
At the bridge they met the dreaded part of this neighborhood. There would be an exchange of views, or even a prank, but it was a coincidence that she wanted a column of German soldiers around. Nobody wanted to start anything and then be inconvenience. The boys were added to the step, and a moment later they were on the other side of the bridge.

„They will return,“ Jan said, not far from the truth, because they all went to the same school, so there would be no need for retaliation.
  Knitting pombles was a matter for the whole family, and the children forgot that part of the art, but in a moment they remembered when their father showed them how to do it. Then there were so many pimples that the extras they could have given away.
 On the day of the caroling, the boys went to known places in the streets, visiting several of the family where the girls were. They always went for two, it was the best. They knocked, rebuked their knees, made a pommel, and got a favor. Painted eggs, sugar, and so on in the years of war.
On one blind street, however, Jan and Hynek hit a party on the other side, went so far as they did not go before, but knew their classmates lived there.

The boys on the other side of the bridge used the opportunity and after making several wounds, picked up raw eggs and laughed them with Jan and Hynek for their shirt, trousers, and elsewhere. Always, then they hit the place where the egg was, and it spilled over the body. Even though Hynek and John were defending, they did not do much against the game.
After a while, the guys left the boys on the spot and one of them was on their way out.

„Now we are balanced.“

Jan and Hynek found a shelter in one roofed house and stripped themselves of themselves, their main purpose was to remove the shells and if it was possible to wipe the contents of the egg from the clothes. Dressing up wet sticky clothing from the eggs was not pleasant. So they went home. Even so, there was enough room for them from the carols. After returning home to the noon, the boys went straight to the bathroom, although only the ice water flowed from the shower, so they could not complain. Today’s caroling was considered successful.
In clean clothes, and after handing over the praise of their mother and sister, they began to tell their story from this morning. In the meantime, the other boys returned from the carols, and they learned the story of the egg and laughed at retaliation, but they forgot all about it.