Everything is a game. / Všechno je hra.

 Everything is a game.

Everything is a game, a morning wake-up, a warm up, a morning wash, a breakfast, a morning onset, just everything in the boy’s nation’s game. Once, the game is welcomed, once unpleasant and once crying as well. That’s when you break your knee or nose. For Tomas, a ten-year-old, the game is everything, never seen with tears in the eye just because he missed some relief at work, or that he’s hot for a while, and sometimes, for example, in the mountains in the winter, it’s really cold. Yes, seeing his tear in his eye is possible, such a slicing and peeling of the onion brings a lot of tears, it almost weeps the whole staff, and no one has ever heard of them, they have not hurt you, just peeling and slicing the onion goulash. Bohouš says that such a goulash is better than ice cream in the sauna and therefore there must be as many onions as there is meat. Akela is just eating a decent amount of meat for the whole section. Other boys laugh at the knife and the knock, if they do. Everything will depend on how the smokestacks will melt in the stove and how fast and good the water will boil in large pots. Tom and Béďa, of the seven-year-old canvas house, have a service in the kitchen today and joyfully crying over the number of already cut onions, which must be almost a mini dice. The onions turned out to be enough, so Akela gives the boys the onion order to go to wash them so they will not cry anymore.
„And first of all, wash your hands first, then your face, so that you do not get the juice out of the onions. Then it would be a real crying. „

Not all the boys in the washroom have been forgotten, so they just rinsed their hands, and when they rinsed their face, they found it worse than peeling the onion. So they had to do everything right. With their red eyes, they returned to the kitchen and put them into the dumplings.
„Throw away the table and hands.“ Their advisor Bédia advised them. „Then you will not stick to it.“
And it was glued, it was suddenly a laugh, wondering and trying to get rid of the dumpling. It’s just a game in which everyone has learned a lot. At home, they would not allow their mothers at home. Here it is different. Eventually, the dumplings were brought out and a moment later they were going to a really stinking water to cook them, the stoves really well burned today and were not mad. It was your lunch lord, Goulash with a dumplings dumplings, none of the boys today had a dirty escalade, everyone before lunch to care that it was properly washed. But after lunch, a couple found them in a place where dirty dishes were washed, somehow they forgot themselves. As the snack approached, they drove by air mail straight into the high nettles behind the kitchen. Especially cultivated by nature itself. Among the esks, there was also the ehm of our Tom, when he found out, he had to be like the other forgotten, strip the shorts and enter the Koprivian kingdom. Then, for the amusement of the other Kopriva boys, there were moans and other verbal statements, such as aa, what if I leave it here is not a terrible burn. However, almost every boy in the camp had at least once in the camp at least once in the camp. Letting his escalade there, it would mostly be a hunger and nobody wanted it. Tom did not even complain that he was using the nettles, and laughed at them for a moment. It was the first time he had to go. He disappointed most of the boys expecting a different reaction. In the afternoon, the staff company was expecting a little appreciation of their good morning work, including slinging. But first you had to make that slingshot. Everybody got the air rubber of the appropriate strength and advice what and how, then it was enough to go with the knife into the forest and find a suitable dry Y-shaped branch. The branch should not be too dry to crack. Appropriately found in a few moments, and then just enough to create everything to set up an air rubber.
„Shooting races and experiments at the pond.“

So the boys went to a favorite pond, and when they bathed and sacked, they were scraping. First, it shot just across the pond’s surface into a distant forest, then came to the word a target in the form of an uprooted dry Pine. Shooting just as usual, everyone has mastered, so they came with many other ways of shooting, sitting, lying, kneeling and lying on the side and so on. But if they did not have to go back to service, they would shoot the kitchen until the evening. And this game had its unobtrusive goal, skill in working with the knife, perseverance when it failed and the skill of skill.
The day was beautiful, full of sunshine. When the company of the Storks handed over the well-cleaned kitchen, she could enjoy some of the personal leave. Tomas took his slogan and set out for a moment to practice shooting. After dinner, when everyone was asleep, you could see a lying slider and a few pebbles on a shelf near Tom’s head. Since then he has become a part of his night patrols.