Fight Night. / Noční boj.

Story seventeenth. Night fight.

 Boys like to compete, measure not only their physical strength but also their sharp language. Every boy’s nation is devastating by future warriors, conquerors, explorers, and even the saviors of the world. If we also lead the boys in truth and love, they are also future good fathers of families and citizens.
Boys‘ games require courage and a little more or less discomfort, without the presence of their caring parents.
The boys are willing to withstand the pain in the match, which is led by the experienced eye and the hands of the leader. Such a match, for example – Whoever lurks on the back or overpressing an opponent beyond a certain limit, but also a classic Greek Rome match or box, are a welcome diversification of everyday life.
Box, he is very popular with younger boys. Long hours can make up for an opponent to break out of combat, stretch it, and so on.
But if there was a fight in boxing, no one had such a courage. Even so, the muscles and the courage were all of them. And when a shot comes,
„It’s nothing, it’s good.“ They talk occasionally with tears in the eye.

Fighting can be done in the night game, one with the neighboring camp even came in our story.
The task of the campers is to capture the number cards, built in the camp of the neighboring camp, and not to catch. The boys from the neighboring camp have the same task. Whoever is captured – captured, he must serve the next day in the kitchen in a strange camp. And that was considered a shame in the boy’s nation. The adults saw it differently, not so hard.
As a result, the boys are fighting in the clash, as long as their strength is sufficient, even in the wounds, the scratches from the branches and the thorns to tear the clothes, and sometimes the loss of one or both shoes.
But no one ever complains, does not complain, and if it has to, it will accept the defeat.
Another rule is to try to escape from captivity while playing. That’s good. It does not make sense after the game ends. It would be, you were cowards. After the game, treat you what’s needed, or lend you clothing if you’ve lost him in the fight. Otherwise, he is treated as equal to you. Full comfort, at least it is said. The day is also common between the camp festive fire and the exchange of prisoners.
Today is the day of struggle, the night. Scouts of Kaya and Standa from a canvas house number five, have experienced two such battles in the last two camps. Now is the third one. They have already joined the seasoned warriors who like to advise the novices what and how, they also show them colorfully and tell what is waiting for them to be captured and served in the neighboring camp. They like to add a peppery portrayal of all sorts of prisoners of torture and the like.
Younger boys who wait for their first such combat game in their lives either shiver with fear or disbelieve, but the little soul is in them. Everything to the right will be brought to the head of the party, and the mournful sounds of some small boys will be appealing.
Kája s Standou mixes fat and soot to paint their faces and parts of bodies that will be bare, neck, hands. Carefully and constantly check their equipment, KPZ, the flashlight knot. Thinking about what they wear and whether to take a snack or a drink. In short, the fighting spirit is in all the boys.
It is already after dinner and in a moment they get a command to go to the neighboring camp for number cards, there will be a selected patrol in the camp that will fight here in the camp. Its task is to capture as many campers as possible from the neighboring camp.
The eleventh hour of the night came and the game began. The dark figures disappeared silently to the neighboring camp, and all the light went out of our camp and there was complete silence. Only night birds sang sometimes, and there was some Mouse running there.
The patrols are alert and fully listening.
Kája and Standa advance through the dark forest slowly and carefully. Even the twig under their shoes does not crack. They see the neighboring camp, the dark silhouettes of tents and other buildings. They’ve gotten to the tents and there are numbers on the square.
Surely patrols are somewhere, it’s a trap, but it’s very tempting.
The boys decided to go around the camp first and find out as much as possible, and wish them luck. There are two numbers with a number.
First, just do not get caught and go back to your camp, where the cards are handed over and they can go again for another.
But like a call, the full moon lit up in the sky. As long as the clouds covered it, everything was easy. Now there is light like noon. Still, the boys went to the local kitchen, and there would be some of those cards.
It seemed to them that they were going to succeed, but suddenly there was a voice of patrol and a rustling foot. Kaya and Standa fled, each to the other side. The watch was confused for a moment, and the run was so good.

As Standa fled, he took it across the square and picked up another three
leaflets. In this trap, he would almost be caught if one patrol did not hit the other. Before they met, Standa jumped between the tents and the forest. There he fell into the bush and waited. He was afraid to let him know his breath. But it was an unnecessary fear. The patrols have lost him.
So he went to his own camp. And as it happens, he met the boy who was returning from his camp. Hidden behind the tree, he waited for a convenient opportunity and jumped on his back, both of them sliding into the moss, the leaves, and the Ostruzin. The struggle was short, since Standa was a few years older, and the boy seemed to be the younger enemy. Standa stood there for a moment, astonishingly, and the boy was slowly crying. She reluctantly surrendered her two acquaintances. Standa received the tickets in a pocket of his shirt and left the very fast-hauling boy. He was a little sorry for him, he remembered how he too lost his card and was still captured. But, the game is a game.
In his camp he met Kaya, who told him how he had just done it, managed to escape as the two oldest boys, the neighboring camp, came to them.
„Here they gave up. They do not catch me. „He gave Kaya a relief.
Nearly an hour after the end of the game, he was still excited about the game, remembering the captured brothers, which is about to be awaited tomorrow.
Even the patrols in our camp managed to capture three boys from the neighboring camp. It is already known that they will help tomorrow’s service in the kitchen and will also participate in normal camp life.
The night battle game ended, only a few hours left in the shuffle. And so everything was gone. Only the night patrol silently bypasses the camp.