Indian games. / Indiánské hry.

Story twenty-second. Indian games.

The end of the camp was approaching and dreaming of the Indian Games. Thus, competitions in both traditional and non-traditional disciplines. The evening before, there was a big talk at the evening fire about the indigenous people of America, how they lived, how they dressed, how they raised children, and about Indian wars and skills. Hynek and Patrik, not a word from the canvas house number ten. After all, it would be what they would like to do all the time, to be Indians, to hunt Bizons, to experience adventures and the like.
The section management then announced the day of Indian Games for tomorrow. And the first contest was to come to warm-up in Indian clothing and wear it all day long. Older boys have known each other for years and have always been looking forward to the games. They also knew what Indian clothing was like, the clothing of the indigenous Americans. Those who did not know or did not know so far wondered at the complete simplicity of such clothing. They learned that it was called a bederk, and it was actually a belt, either plain or rope, or just a strip of cloth that serves as a belt. The actual attire replacing the shorts is then wide on two palms with a strip of fabric or leather and a length equal to the height of the person. It can of course be shorter, but not much. As this strip of fabric stretches between the legs and fastens with the belt to the body. The confluent loose ends are called flaps and the part of what has to be covered is called slip.
Some of the boys didn’t seem to think much, they had the idea of ​​a Reed or other plant garment. So they were surprised by the simplicity.

Even before dinner, Patrik and Hynek made their bederks, what they had for hand skills, and asked whether they could paint them. They had an idea of ​​the decorated bederk. Section leaders put a great book on Indians with a lot of pictures and plenty of text in the dining room for so many questions. But it was English. Whoever controlled her, translated everything written there under the pictures.

It’s time for the convenience store. However, many canvas houses were shining long into the night and a whisper was carried by the camp. After all, the adventure began, and there were only a few hours left in the morning. Loiners were made, leggings were sewn, and many suitable shirts were made into a blouse, without collar and sleeves. What about the fact that at home from her parents she will have a shattered shirt.
There was hardly any morning in the morning, the sun was warming up the meadow, and a small mist of haze was still hovering near the woods, the boys in the loafs running out of the individual canvas houses just to get into the warm-up. Some, however, were late, it was to dress in the beder just for the first time not just. But a bit of diligence and skill helped.
The warm-up was half in the meadow and half in the forest. Today, some boys try out the advantages and disadvantages of a bederk.

After the morning boarding, which was of course in Scout costumes and the erection of the national flag, the Indian Games began. The boys changed into bederk again, or they took the shirts from their shirts and leggings from the sacrificial sweatpants or the quick sewn from the linen.
The first game they met was Muhmohwa, a knife-stick fight. The knives were of course rubber and their blade was painted red. The rules are simple. You are at the stake and you are tied to it by a three-meter rope, also your opponent. Your task is to hit your opponent with your hand either in your hand or in your leg, back and body. If you hit it with a knife, it can no longer use it and put it behind your back. If you hit your opponent’s leg, he has to jump one by one and hit the back or body to eliminate the opponent.
Muhmohwa entertained the boys very much, there were moments of great laughter behind the belly of grabbing, but also minutes of tension as the match goes. As it turned out, only a small thing was enough and you were defeated.

Another interesting game was Lacrosse and Shinny. To these games the boys had to create, Lacrosse bats and sticks for Shinny. Shinny is a kind of land hockey and Lacrosse, or Bagataway, something like tennis but with the difference that you have to catch the ball in the net and throw it away again.
The morning passed like water, and no one wanted to go out for lunch or have noon at night. Some of the younger boys were playing with knives at Muhmohwa and so for disturbing the noon rest, they would wash dishes after dinner.
The afternoon game was dedicated to hunting. Everyone created their spear. Targets in the form of animals were placed around the forest. It was not easy to get to them or to catch them and gain valuable points. Once the target was a squirrel too high in the tree and without joint retinue would not make it. At other times, a beaver swam at the pond, and whenever somebody went to him, he fell into the muddy soil or swamp. It wasn’t an easy hunt.
After returning from hunting to camp, some hunters looked like real savages. 

The end of a beautiful day was swimming in a pond in bederky, as you can see, some boys did not believe it was possible. They also appreciated the speed with which the bederky dried up. The water game, when they were supposed to swim on the dirt, throw a loop of rope onto a hammered stake on the shore and pull it back to show that it is not such a simple task.

„That was a tough day today, but it was fine.“
„It is a pity that the camp cannot be all Indian.“ Hynek added, and the night dreams were from such a camp.