Measurement. / Měření.

Story twenty-third. Measurement.

„That was one day that all the meters from the tool boxes took us, and we also lacked rulers and other centimeter gauges for the day. So I didn’t have any, and a few guys found themselves who brought such uselessness to the camp. ”
„And why did our leadership take it from us? As the day of measurement is measured and everything is measured for competition, it is only measured with the help of body measures without the meter and rulers. ”
„Radha, we’re supposed to measure the mast height, then a few trees, too, how tall and one tree, its perimeter. What is a perimeter? „Asked Sasha, half seriously of his fellow citizen from number one eleven.
He did not excel in mathematics and geometry, but in natural sciences it was something else.
„You really don’t know, or are you kidding?“ Radek replied, and began to measure the mast.
„But I know, I was just trying to make sure you didn’t forget it. I don’t know the pattern to measure that circuit. ”Sasha added.
Each retinue tried to accomplish as many measurement tasks as possible, some were simple and others thought a lot. And who did not write to his scrapbook information about what he measured, using different dimensions on his body, was unlucky. His retinue didn’t help much at that moment.
So, for example, this is a very handy thing. It is the length between thumb and forefinger, the fingers must be stretched as much as possible. Or know where the body is a meter from the ground, some boys have a meter to the waist, others to the navel and the smallest to the ribs. The length of the step, the length of the arm, the elbow and so on are also significant.

„So the mast measures us thirteen meters according to the shadows and steps, and a meter in the ground, and it is fourteen meters. Write it. ”
Said Radek Saša and the measured mast wrote. But he doubted the correctness. Because the Beavers retreated a little more.
„You Radha, the Beavers measured a meter more, fifteen meters.“ Sasha tried to draw attention to a possible inaccuracy.
„No, it is fourteen meters, we were built by Chamois, and I know how much he measured.“ Radek answered.
„So why are we shadowing here, stepping and sweating in the sun?“
“Because I wanted to try the measuring method again and the mast is ideal. You know, „said Radek, and went on to do another job.
„You could have said that right now, I could have waited in the shadows for the theatrical play to finish.“ He nudged Sasha’s friend and hurried to Radek.
„What kind of theater, what kind of theater?“ And laughing, Radek threw himself at Sasha to chuck him.
But this did not happen, as the boys concluded that there was no time or energy for it in the hot summer day. So they got up from the ground and hurried to the nearby lonely trees. Their re-measurement didn’t take much time. Then they rushed to the pond.
The task was: measure the width of the pond.

„And how can we do that?“ Sasha asked.
„Simply, I have a string here and I will bring it to your waist and you will swim over the pond and then measure the string.“
„And wouldn’t it be easier to guess?“ Sasha suggested.
„It was, but I want to have it exactly. So take off and go into the water. ”Radek decided.
Sasha put down the necessary clothes, Radek tied his string around his waist and Sasha swam to the other side of the pond. There he tied a string from his waist and Radek pulled it to himself and was measuring him before he sailed back.
It was exactly twenty-five meters.
To accomplish the last task, the boys ran to the nearby hayloft, where their task was to measure the longest strut. That was a little bit of thinking and picking that the longest one was. Eventually, they simply measured one.
Now they could return to their retinue and put together the measured values. Everyone in the party was doing something different, and so in less than two hours the task was accomplished. Now they will take away the leaders and they will be free. Which they can use in their own way. No one will be idle and no one will be bored.

After all, the most weird things can be done at the camp.
For example, Sasha and Radek had a ground furnace under construction, and it was only necessary to build a chimney of flat stones and connect them with clay. Then let everything dry for at least one day.
At their mentor, Francis, they negotiated permission and ran for the clay. As it is, the clay is slippery and where the boys took it, it was a few meters from the shore in such a swamp, almost underwater, but never too much, the clay never dwindled there either.
Radek ran first, and as he stepped in the swamp to the clay floor, he was already in the grayish clay mass on his back. How it slipped. Sasha laughed, so normal and helped his friend’s feet, but he twitched Sasha and they were both in clay. For a moment they greased the clay mud and then gathered enough clay in the bucket.
After returning to the camp to their furnace, they finished, completed, erased, and contentedly followed their mentor, Francis, asking if he could bring them towels, soap and clean shorts from their canvas house.
Boys from the retinue and other companions looked at the two blacks and inquired curiously. Sasha and Radek liked to spice up their game in the swamp and gradually got rid of the curious. In the shower, skillfully built near the creek, ice-cold water flowed, and as you know, you don’t wash the clay right away, especially the gray one. Boys were in the sun for a swim, so they clicked through the cold. But, you dared not take a cleansing bath.