Odpoledne na Labi. / Afternoon on the Elbe.

Part Eighty First. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
Afternoon on the Elbe.

In common boys‘ clothing, a t-shirt, shorts and simple sandals, the boys went straight to the Elbe to Vrbiček. There were other buddies there. The clothes were undressed very quickly, and then they were just enjoying the cool water, a reasonable flow of the Elbe and one inflated car-tire soul left by the soldiers.
When there was enough of it, a sunbathing came on the tiny stony bank of the river. Now the speech of the boys came after the arrival of the certificate house. Some of them were cool, others admitted that they got a little too bare.
It was already revealed when bathing in the river.
To late afternoon, many boys put on their little clothes and went home. Even our boys have said goodbye to their friends and have decided to visit the castle park. From the ears there were both Cherries and some forgotten things after the soldiers. They came to the castle quite quickly. For young and healthy boys it was a toy. To find the place where the wall had once been destroyed, they also succeeded. And the advantage was that no one was going down the street at that time, so there was not much work to go over the wall.
On the other side of the castle wall, the boys waited a more demanding exam. They had to go through a lot of Blackberries and did not count on it again. The scratches on the bare feet were nailed, and the tiny spikes cut their legs at every step. But the Blackberries came to a halt and the boys found themselves in several trees that were covered with Cherries.
The word gave word, and in a moment they were all in branches, and the delicious Cherry Fry was within reach.
After half an hour of feast, they went to see the chateau park. They saw several staff working in the garden, but no military crates or other material found. For that, they managed to carelessly enter the manor of the castle.
It seemed like a big malaria, but when they confessed they were in Třešnice, they were only told that it was private property, and if they had come normally through the gate and not across the wall, it might be that the Cherries could calmly cool to fetch. This is how the manager escorted the gate and the boys went out of the castle with thanks and apology.
On the way to the house, they met several friends and even found a five-crown.
Pretty great wealth. And this wealth was fairly divided into the closest confectionery. There was also a bag of scones for the sister.
Tomorrow the holidays begin full and on Monday they leave for the summer camp. With such cheerful imagination, the boys returned to the house for dinner.
At home, they gave their sister candies and helped a mother with a tablecloth for dinner. At dinner with Otto and Hynek, they learned from Daddy that the day after tomorrow they will follow their closest to Palestine. The boys were fond of one another and were looking forward, but on the other side, they were also looking forward to their next summer camp. And they also felt that it was coming very soon. But what can be done will be packed tomorrow.Odpoledne na Labi. / Afternoon on the Elbe.