On Homoli. / Na Homoli.

Part seventy-nine. Tells Hynek (13) et al.

On Homoli.

The end of the school year and the path of Otto and Hynek House to Palestine with his parents came close to him. The last two months were in a bustle, everything had to be checked and verified, the boys underwent a demanding medical check-up, and each time at school they were tried and went to tutoring. They say, so they will not do the shame down there in the south, they know nothing and do not know.
Boys would rather spend more time with their friends, and they will have to say good-bye for a moment.
So they used every possible moment to play together and play on the field and in the scout club. They also went on a first post-war expedition. It was only for a day, but they enjoyed it.
It was a beautiful May Friday, just before June. At the meeting Wednesday they took their notes that on Saturday it was going to Homole Hill near Týnec nad Labem. They also had a list of what to take. And he started to look where it was. But for four boys there is not one scavenger too much, but after the soldiers, there are more than enough in the city. Also, the trophies left by the soldiers in all the different places were well used and before the desired Saturday came, the boys had first class equipment. Just like the other buddies in the section.
They were also provided with food to keep them from stomach. Sometimes boys defended when they had to pack this or that. But in vain, parents did not give up.
On the eve of desirable trips the boys could not even sleep as they were looking forward to.
Only after a few hours of talk at midnight they slept.
It was at six o’clock in the morning when they woke up and if they had to go to school, they would not like to hurry again. Today, however, the cold morning shower was all done together, and the other morning activities were done quickly and well, cleaning the room, preparing the breakfast table, brushing teeth, etc. Then it was only good to say goodbye to the parents and sister and go to the station. The way was pleasant, it was not so hot and there were not many people in the streets. And so they gradually met their friends from the compartment and it was more joyous. What a day is waiting for today.
At the station they met with the others and in a moment they also had already purchased tickets to Týn. The train had no delays arrived on time, so they could get in the last car. The journey was not long, but even so it became a minor incident, Jiříček what a member of the section, rose from the bench to look at the friends who play for the game, but did not miss a meter when the train went on the crossing and how the carriage curled, so Jiříček fell on the floor of the car. Only a broken knee did not happen to him. He was a little chucked when the iod cleared a little, but otherwise he was brave.
In Týnec, he appeared in the cloudy sky. The sun was visible in the clouds, but the clouds threatened to rain.
At Homole Hill they reached the noon. On the way, they knew the plants and also learned what to eat and what to cook. Some tasted like paper, others were acidic and another tasteless.
At Homoli, they built their camp, each team set up a tent, a pyramid, it was a time competition and everyone liked it.
He also competed in soup cooking, someone else peeled potatoes, picked up appropriate edible plants and everyone was doing it.
After lunch, the fireplace was wiped out and it was time for a little rest with the story of the party leaders as it was a long time ago with our homeland and what it would be like now and then.
By the second afternoon the sun was shining brightly, and the weather promised great heat. The camp was demolished, crouched, and the party went without shirts just in t-shirts, not the way to the creek. On the one hand, the boilers in which they are cooked are washed, and if the boys like it, they can be refreshed by bathing in the water. On the way to the brooks they played azimuth play.
They have arrived gradually and from different directions to the creek. The important thing was that they all found a goal.
The first task for all was to save their torunes, to group by their companions, then their clothing and could go into the water. Whoever wanted to bathe in the shorts or naked. Someone started building a dam a moment later, others went through the brook through the brook to explore the shores, and others barked on the rope over the water and jumped into it, or just lying down. Within an hour, they were all near the creek ashore, using the sun’s rays for drying and warming.
Even the water was a bit cold.
Return to Týn on the train was again according to the azimuth specified. Everyone gathered at the bridge before Týnec. And those who would accidentally lose their way, had to be at the bridge at the appointed time. Here they were dressed up again, dressed and dressed up so they all looked good. Some boys have already caught sunburn in their faces during the trip, which made them feel good.
On the train again, they played small games, Man, do not be afraid, word football, or write experiences in their diaries.
A beautifully spent Saturday with friends, however, brought a little sadness to Otto and Hynek’s mind. They knew these beautiful moments would be just a memory. And Jan and Tomas will still have a bunch of great buddies around them.
Perhaps even at home in Israel, they will be such great friends as here in Pardubice.
Evening narratives to parents, how and what happened on the expedition, no end. Only at eleven o’clock in the evening all went to their cubicles. And the clothes and clothes that the boys were wearing on the day, the smell of the forest, the smoke from the fire and the many flowers. Many sheets were described and painted in each of them.