Post. / Pošta./ סניף דואר

Story Twentieth. Post.

When a brother is sent to the village from a retirement home, he also arranges a visit to the post office. The journey is not long or dangerous but full of all sorts of attractions. For example, it runs around a creek, and when it is summer, such a summer refreshment in the form of a bath belongs to it, or the Cherry Tree standing at the crossroads has many of the already picked but still attractive cherry trees and the sweetest are up in the tree crown. Also, the nearby Corn Field is abundant with even small Corns just to eat.
The road to the village is a test of resilience, not to be tempted by nature.
The truth is that when it rains, everyone prefers to rush to get back to camp as quickly as possible.
But what would it be for the boys not to indulge in almost illicit. Yes, they are not supposed to climb trees without a party leader or counselor, but when the Cherries are quickly spoiled in the sun.
Exceptionally, two brothers, twin brothers and sisters from the canvas house number eight, were sent to such a service errand.
Láďa and Míla were happy to go with the rucksack full of empty bottles to consumerism and also stop at the post office. Today is a very beautiful morning, the sun warms everything around and promises a great summer day. The boys received instructions from Matěj, the counselor of the retinue and set out on the road. Initially she led through the woods, and Míla pulled a twig out of the sandal, or plucked a pebble, Mila went barefoot, carrying the canvas in his rucksack. Gradually, they heard the sound of running water, the dreaded stream that had taken everybody a lot of time when it was just refreshing.

„You Mila, come bathe, what it does to us, it’ll just be a moment and I can.“
He asked Lada and waited a positive answer.
„No, the milk’s gotten soiled the last time.“
„That’s because it has already raged and the milk is always sour in a thunderstorm, everyone knows.“
„When I go back, I want to pick some Cherries.“ Mila answered and stepped in.
„Oh yeah,“ Lada sighed and stepped on.
At the crossroads, they stopped at the disintegrating Cherry, and Míla immediately assessed the condition of the Cherry by the expert’s eye.
„The best are upstairs, you’ll help me get there. Climb to the tree and set your hands. ”Mila said.
So Lada stood with his back to the tree, clasping his hands together to form a step, and Mila climbed to the first branch after Lada. Then he also helped him into the tree crown.
There was little enough climbing and they were at the best of the cherry trees, so they were already being stripped of birds, or had already been spoiled. They picked up a twig behind the branches until a crackling sounded beneath Mila. That’s because Mila got on a completely dry branch. If he weighed more pounds, he would be down on the ground and fall from almost four meters across the crown of the tree is not fun.
Mila quickly grabbed the branches of her arms above her and was almost afraid to move. When Lada saw it, Mile rushed to his aid.

„Lada, what should I do?“ „Pull your hands to the top of the branch and come back.“
He advised well, the boys did not fall down and descended from Cherry and walked along the road to the village. The rest of the journey had brought nothing extraordinary. Only Lada found the entire five-crown, that’s quite a property. They were glad to find the coin and wondered what to buy for it. To make a lot of it so that it tastes so that it does not cost much, so that a lot remains.
Ice Cream Campfire, Candy Cones, Biscuits, Watermelon, Jovo Cocktail, Antiperle, Fumble, Vitacit, Mejdlíčko, Pedro, Lipo, Arizona, and so on, thought to come to consumerism.
The saleswoman gave them the ordered food, bought the empty bottles, and that was it. When the boys put their shopping in a rucksack, they went wandering around the shop and wondering what to do with it.

Eventually it was Campbell, the ice cream in the cup and a lot of money left.
Láďa and Míla sat on the bench before consumption and enjoyed a moment of well-being. Then they went to the post office, for letters, and they got there well. Not only did they pick up the camp mail, but they still bought the views of the local area and stamps, borrowed pencils and wrote a greeting to their parents. One look might be enough, but the boys wanted to have their own.
On the way back, they really stopped by the stream to refresh themselves, their meager clothes, lying in the grass, and the two boys in the water were not in the water.
How that time is running when you have fun and duties you put aside. It was almost noon when Lada remembered they were supposed to be back in the camp. They ran quickly out of the water just to shake off the biggest wet and slipped into shorts and T-shirts, it was a little uncomfortable to put on wet clothes, and sometimes it wasn’t enough. In a moment everything was dry was damp. The carpet was rolled over by a carelessness, and some of the mail spilled into the stream.
„Yeah, he’s sending!“ Mila shouted and caught her. The moment, however, was enough to wet some letters and postcards. What was written with a ballpoint pen, but it was written by inkjet or pen, for the most part melted.

„Guys break us, you couldn’t tie the bag better?“ He was angry with Brother Lada. „What about me, I didn’t open it for the last time, who put sticks from the Campfire, me or you.“
Whether it was so or otherwise. Letters were wet. The return to the camp was not merry.
Their mentor, Matthew, was not excited about the gift. He gave them a penalty immediately, washing the dirtiest big pot.
He then dried the letters by the stove and tried to solve the addresses. It is known that the entire boys‘ camp nation knew it in a moment. The news came to the Leaders as well. Everyone was wondering if his letter, if someone wrote it, would be blurry or not.
After lunch at noon, the mail was distributed. Half of the addressees had the letter in order, the other half divided into two halves, one had the sheet, managed to decipher the address, and the other half of the letters with an unreadable address had broken out before them, and according to what was written there was delivered. Eventually, it was pretty good fun.
Only Mila and Lada had somehow lost her taste. And no mail, no one wrote them this time.