Spring bathing. / Jarní koupání.

Part seventy sixth. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
Spring bathing.

More and more children have learned news of the end of the war, and that the Germans have it counted, and that there is a rebellion in Prague and the Germans are fleeing. But they also learned news where, how the uprising was suppressed, and where the Germans returned.
In Pardubice everything started in the first May 1945 days. It was so beautiful and sunny that the boy even led to the river, went to places other than where the Germans lived. On the way, they looked at variously broken houses, broken machines, and a randomly shuffled box from anything. In the pockets of their short trousers there were several sharp pads, a broken bayonet, a piece of belt with a broken buckle, and so on. Upon coming to the river to the places where the so-called Lake of Jark was, they saw that everything was blooming and growing. The river was attractive for bathing, but cold water was not suitable for this trip. But that would not be the boys to make up their games for trying courage.

„Whoever drives his waist down, I’ll give him three sweets.“ Hynek suggested, looking at his siblings. There was not much to do with this offer.
„I’m the one who goes all the way and will hold it for a minute, I’ll put the new rubber in my sling.“ Jan suggested, and the gums showed them all, instead of the belt.
„And then your pants fall,“ Tomas laughed
„I do not mind, I still have a string.“ Jan replied, and they all fell silent.

In the end, nothing was done, everyone decided that they could, and so the clothes wandered into freshly growing grass, and the four naked men slowly entered the cold spring water.
Everyone thought it was not a good idea, and he had to stay on the shore, but what they would say, the others knew too. So no one wanted to be a little boy who feared the water.
In a moment, however, they enjoyed swimming and swimming in the Elbe. The moment was so short, the ice water was doing its work, the frozen boys were gradually coming out of the water and trying to warm up on the Baba, the sun helped them a lot. And when they heard the approaching girls‘ voices, they quickly dressed for the most demanding clothing. Only Otto had some clothes to wear, so the girls could see Otto’s background without clothes.
Laughter and giggling passed into a chatting chat. The girls came to the vase for some of the flower, and the Vrba was growing, so the boys gentlemen would love to cut a few rods.
Together, they went back to town, the journey was long, and it was still about to talk.
At the entrance to the city, they saw that many people were kicking and building defensive barriers for the Germans, and who did not want to obey it was taken somewhere. The children were, too, bent on such a job, and they were given goblins and shovels and had to start with a new trench.
One soldier oversaw their activities. It was not until late afternoon that they could go home.

„But that’s what we paid for.“ Jan was angry, looking at the cracked brains on his hands.
„Tomorrow we better go elsewhere.“ Hynek replied.
„Just so it’s not the same.“ Jan agreed

At home, parents were not happy with what the guys told them, and my dad decided they would not go tomorrow and the next few days.
The boys protested, but they knew it would be the best.