The last school day. / Poslední školní den.

Part Eighty. Tells Hynek (13) et al.
The last school day.

And it’s here, the last school day, the last one in Czechoslovakia. Already in the evening, before this last day, children prepared their holiday clothes. That’s not to have to hurry in the morning. And when they’re supposed to be dressing tomorrow’s dresses that boys do not even need to see, it’s necessary to properly clean the clothes that wear on them. Then there was a great pre-day washing. At other times, only a bit of warm water and some soap would be enough, and the boys would be like a journal, but today there is really great warm water in the shower and a better soap. But he does not even think of a rush. The dentist sometimes watches the bath.
Even though the boys are already big, they sometimes act like little guys. The soap was not spared, and in warm water all rose from rosacea to reddish. It was fun too, that somebody suddenly shut the hot water, and he, with a smudged face around him, was shouting and loudly expressing his displeasure.
The youngest Tomas was given a job by Daddy to wipe it up and dry the bathroom. So unclothed in the most necessary, he wiped the floor, dried the glass of mirrors, and eventually wiped the water drops out of the shelves.
After all this, he had run naked into the boys‘ room, and he was right there for a night’s sleep. He could not sleep so soon.
„What do you think tomorrow will be?“ Hynek asked
„About the last day at school.“ Tomas replied, staring at the old magazine Young News.
„I was thinking, if we get this report if we do not go to Palestine by accident,“ Hynek said.
„Probably not, that’s what Dad would say. He said he must now expect that there are many children and adults returning from the Palestine home or on the other side. „Otto said.
„Let’s take a while with you for a while, I know of the first bathing bag.“ Hynek left the conversation.
For a moment, it was said what could be done after returning from the summer camp and what before it. Especially for the cherry trees to be crushed and there was enough heat to swim and to cruise for anything.

The chat and the open window behind which the holidays were formed were beautifully asleep.
It was not like everyone else in the morning, school bags were not taken today, and no snacks were taken by the children. They will pick up a school report today, and after a farewell with the teachers, they will go home for a holiday lunch.
The boys were particularly well advised that they should not smear or tear the dress, otherwise the belt would be worn.
The school was full of children, there were many flowers and the atmosphere was different from any ordinary school day. Today, a certificate is being distributed. Our guys did not do the wrong, and the house brought a good testimony, they did not have to be ashamed of a trio of numbers or of Latin. Sister Anicka had the number one, the boys were laughing at her, but a little more conscientious, if they were better taught, they could have been honored.
Daddy and his mother commended each other, followed by a big festive lunch, what to do after the war. Everybody tasted, and in the end, which was a surprise for the kids, there was also a cake. Beautiful, big, sweet.
In the afternoon, the boys have been told to leave their classmates before leaving for a two-day camp, and also to find out if they are mature and so on. Dad, he just waved his hand, knowing he would not have them at home.