Wasps and Mice. / Vosy a Myši.

Story Twenty-Four. Wasps and Mice.

Once upon a time, at noon, he lay in the tent watching the events in the square. Some of the boys were sitting there leaning against the tents of their undercoat and reading, others in another tent playing Ludo, and Pepík even trimming some stick to the tip, the shavings fell to the square when he saw his party mentor, advised him to clean up and go cut into the woodpile, it doesn’t matter. Viky, he remembered watching the almost-gone camp while doing it, what happened, who did what and who did what. When Mouse passed over the door suddenly. From nowhere to nowhere.
Viky jumped up and followed her, but before he could get out of bed and get out of the canvas house, Mouse was gone. Viky has gone into the search for a mouse hole, it is clear that Mouse has its hole in the form of a mouse hole and it has to be there somewhere. In his search he met Vilem, his native brother, and immediately told him what he had seen and what he was looking for. William, Viky first identified himself as a suitable inmate inmate, but then joined the search for a mouse hole. The other boys watched Viky and Vilem’s interest, but they didn’t ask them what they were looking for. Visas with William, a truly mouse hole, or some such hole, was right on the edge of the meadow near the kitchen.

„To keep it away from food.“
„That doesn’t seem to me, the hole is too big for the Mouse.“ Vilem doubted, but he was glad the laborious search was over.
„We’ll float it!“ Viky said enthusiastically, then rushed into the watering can.
Gradually, they carried one watering can of water after another, pouring its contents into the burrow. Such actions will not pass through the curious eyes of the other boys. They immediately joined and took turns carrying water. They also used some containers from the kitchen, which is not. No one noticed, though. After a moment of burrowing out of the 100% inhabited Mouse, a few upset Vos burst out behind them, and more, the cans and containers of the kitchen remained abandoned, each looking to save their skin. Wasps chased perhaps everyone. Eventually, the campers moved to the forest and left the camp to hang out with Vosam.

First, the brothers of the brothers were tiny, but then they all laughed and explained to the boys that the Wasp’s Nest had two entrances. They use one wasp and the other have it as an emergency. Wasp hunters, Viks and William, as they were called, were one of those Vosa Stings left behind. For a few days, the affected boys will remember this experience as an adventure as Mouse transformed into Wasps. And Mouse? She crunched a biscuit in the neighboring canvas house. She had no idea about leaching with Wasp’s Nest.