When things go wrong. / Když se nedaří.

Story sixteenth.When things go wrong.

From time to time it happens that you do not. Everything falls from your hands, sometimes breaks something apart and you are wrong in the eyes of others.
Before everything is explained and settled, there is sadness and sadness at home. This was the case with Honzik from cloth house number four.
One morning, his legs had become entangled, or he stepped down on the elusive shoelaces and dropped out of the house and still smashed his knee with a stone that had gone to the camp square yesterday.
During the nursing care of the camp, he was told how his knees touched the disinfection. That he accidentally dropped a bottle of that hot drink, and he was not in the pharmacy anymore. He could not do it, but he did complain. Now he will have to go to the village to buy new ones.
Annoyed Honzik, he also had to raise the national flag today with Míša, that is to say, his co-owner from a canvas house. How did he look forward to it yesterday and talked about it all day long when he remembered what honor and glory he was.
It eventually turned out differently. He did not hold the whole shivering in the hands of the flag as he carried it from the Frontier’s Lady’s House, and it fell into a puddle of muddy water in the camp after yesterday’s rain.
The flag is mostly made of canvas and it quickly sucks on water and does not matter what the water is. The flag also made its habit, sucked up muddy water from the puddle, and dirty.
Akela frowned for a moment, then reached into the crate and took out a perfectly clean national flag.
„Do not try to do this, and you’re screaming out here.“ He replied, preparing to go on.
It was as if Honzík could have given him that flag that had just jumped out of his hands. He kept the new one pressed tight against his chest, not lending or showing it to the nuptials that would be given to her in no time.
Eventually the national flag was successfully pulled up to the mast and the ax hack started the day. Akela did not even mention the accident with the first flag. Honzik was pleased.
That dirty scum and it will be fine.
In the morning, with his team of Storks, ceramics, pots, and other things were to be burned in the fire.
The clay on the ceramics was in the former brick quarry. There, too, there was something about it, modeling, and there was also a ceramic burning spot. In the camp, the boys returned either properly red-smudged, or puzzled as they melted to make ceramics burned and eventually returned quite clean with finished products.
Honzik liked to model, create, and did not like when the Wasp began to fly around his head, that he fought cautiously, then heavier and cheated her. The guys from the party began to talk and laugh a little. In the end, Johnny picked up the clay in both hands, and Vosu clapped in the clay, which he immediately dropped and began to run around and wail. The wasp in the last campaign had put Stinger in her palm. And, to be sure, it was not the end of it, so the discarded clay from the palm of my hand fell into the ready-made drying ceramics, and it blew a little.
The boys passed laughing, cracked, each checked his product and planned to give Honzy a lesson. Fortunately, nothing was so broken, a few spatter strokes, some clay added, and everything was fine.
Honzyk sat down and swung a little, rubbing his palm and his sadness.
A moment later, the counselor of Akim arrived. He brought clean water in the bucket, and he cleaned Honzyk’s palm, checked, and pulled half of the Onion from somewhere.
„Here, hold on to the scarf, let it not be too much.“ He told him.
Eventually they chatted for a moment and then went back to the other boys to continue their work on the ceramics.
The return to the camp did not go without proper cleansing, the soil on the boys might have been everywhere. The pond near the camp has always been designed. The Strip Company left a well-knit garment on the dyke and enjoyed water pleasures.
The day was filled, someone was generous to fun, to another to gain new skills, another enjoyed sports, and other boys came to their own.
In the evening a festive campfire was held, on the evening of the night it was announced who would fire the fire, who would carry the torch from the auxiliary fire and then fire the camp fire with it. Among these boys was Honzík.
First he thought he did not listen, so he went after Akim and asked him again.
„Yes, you were chosen, do not you believe? It does not matter, here is a short sentence written on the ticket, which you say aloud, when you ignite the fire. You will put the torch last, so watch others what and how they do. It will help.“
Honzyk prepared himself with a little nervousness, knowing he could go wrong for him and took a piece of chocolate. He carefully dressed in Scout’s costume and cleaned his shoes, and he had never done it before. So it all mattered to him.
When the moment had come, the whole section was standing around the festive campfire, the first three brothers gradually put their torch into the border, and each said the sentence he was supposed to say.
When the line arrived at Honzik, as if everything had vanished and disappeared, only he and the festive border were here. He approached her, put the torch in the gap between the logs and began loudly to say:

„I will experience the junky fire – a fire of power, wisdom, and love, and I beg you to be like a guardian and leader on our new journey.“
Then he stepped back and everything was like before, the fire burned, the boys stood in a circle around her, and the leader of the Akela section took the floor.
Then everyone sat down on the bench benches they had made themselves, and began a solemn program that slowly moved into a fun part to end with a moment of Scripture and talk about truth, love, and other things of man in society.
Shortly after dinner, the bonfire was ended by singing in a very low Skaut evening. And they all went to their canvas houses.
As the day for Honzy began to grin, he ended up beautifully and cheerfully.