Tomorrow we go home. / Zítra se jede domu.

  Tomorrow we go home.

Story twenty-fifth. 

 The summer camp passed like water, for some it was long and for others short. Today after the start of the morning, some of the camp buildings are no longer needed. The kitchen with the dining room will be the last to come, and after all of us there will be a clean meadow next to the forest. The camp will resemble only a lot of beaten paths and squares of faded grass, where the canvas houses of boys stood.
The boys who didn’t work on another building tried to pack their stuff. When they arrived at the camp, they had very little. But now they seem to be in their toren and suitcases, nothing fits. The clothing was somewhat magnified and a lot of souvenirs from the forest, from the meadow from the pond or from the trip. Also, many products that have tested the skill of boys must take home and clubhouse and school. There’s a lot.
Sometimes boys solve a big dilemma, what to leave here and what to take. Then it creates piles: I will carry my house, maybe I will, it may stay here. From the pile, the objects can be moved to the pile, maybe I can ride, and the moment the place in the torn or trunk is found, the eyes of a boy shine and the place is already filled with a product or stone with a beautiful surface or something else that will resemble the camp even in December’s frosts.
At the invitation of their advisors, the boys embark on removing the tarpaulins from the canvas houses and building a tent town near the houses without the roofs. Only the wooden walls in which daylight and sun leaned back seemed to give up the lost personal belongings of the campers. Suddenly, there are many socks, a toothbrush, a sunken knife, a mouse-bitten packet of biscuits and other treasures in the sunlight. A bare foot stepping on a once-dropped needle or a tack on the way out of the house. The boy then with the painful expression played, shows everyone what he was stepping on and how long he’d been looking for the needle, the theme to talk is back in the world.

When only the walls of the house remain with the beds, it is time to beat the hammers, hatchets and pull the nails from the logs, planks and planks. The strength gained in the arms during the camp combines with skill, and at a predetermined location, piles, boards and other wooden parts of the houses begin to pile up. Some nails resist, do not want to leave the pile of pine pillar, other times the nail’s head is torn off and the boy back is almost a somersault, wondering what strength it has.
The council present and the help of the older brothers and leaders are an integral part of the life of each section. Even today, after lunch and after work, when the places where canvas houses stood just like the squares in the grass, the camp program is used. The last camp fire was also prepared in the morning, so it is time for swimming and swimming in the nearby pond. Last swimming, frolic? Not really, there will be a chance tomorrow or even another day when the party’s design is coming to the campground. Now the boys are diving for stones, swimming to the islet and back, training and rehearsing the drowning rescue, or just soaking it up with other tasks on the Scout Trail, such as history, map marks, telegraphy, body science and others, what can be done about water in the water.
In the afternoon before the evening, it’s time for the last great treasure game. The companions get a description of where the treasure is. Nothing more they take with them on their way is up to them as they dress, they are also in their choice. The return is planned for dinner. And the distance to the treasure is estimated to be five kilometers above the map, so a total of ten, with the prospect of being longer. The Stork’s party arrived first to the treasure hidden in the hollowed-out Linden tree, took it with a lure, just behind the nose, straight across the obstacles in the form of a mowed field, the wetlands, dense copse, hot asphalt, and finally climbed the lime slope that was obviously bypassed comfortable way. Such a hike has brought many forest wasp worms, many scratches from the blackberries, one burned back and a few blisters when the boy went barefoot. The glorious discovery of the treasure was accompanied by a retinue of shouts. After all, they came to the treasure only by azimuth and map, where the memorable Lípa is marked. More retinue arrived with greater or lesser delay. There was a lot of talk and the return to the camp didn’t take long.

And what was that treasure? Lots of new knot lines, one for each. On the way back, the retreats also stopped at the stream that ran down the road. Under the road flowed in a large stone pipe, so the boys took off the excess clothing and tried again after a long time, pipe, that is, to pass through a pipe with running water. The walls were slippery and the five meters in the pipe slid hard. Even so, it is a great refreshment.
The camp, a fire prepared in the morning, was coming to the camp in the order in which they won the camp scoring. A boy with a lit torch walked in front of the party, who won the day scoring. At the command of the troop leader, the campfire was ignited. There were words evaluating the camp, words that recall what is still to be improved, and words encouraging further efforts on the Scout Trail.
At the campfire the band’s songs were heard; Then the squads went quietly into their canvas houses. Only the first night watch oversaw that the red-luminous embers from the campfire would not drain the mischief. And when the last carbon was extinguished, the entire hearth filled the water. Only the rising steam reminded us of camp fire for the last time.