Potato battle. / Bramborová bitva.

Bramborová bitva. / Potato battle.

Thirteenth story. Potato battle.
Again we meet Pavlik and Jenda. As we already know from the previous narrative, they fought with the Vosim Nation, struggled with the construction of their canvas house, and in the nearby village of Jenda, he made a walk.
It is half the camp, the camp leans to its end, but there are still many adventures, struggles, joy, and various misconceptions.
Nowadays, for lunch, you have to scramble so many potatoes that they will have enough of other delicious dishes for the whole year.

„We have potatoes again, why do we have to scrape potatoes for service?“
Pavlik was a little angry.
„They’re going to be Cuddly, I love you.“ Jenda replied, and he had taken the first pot from the pile that he was scratching.

If he did not start bothering him, a foul fly. He immediately sat on his nose, right on his arm, and all the way around. Jenda frowned, trying to catch her, but the fly was always faster. Eventually he scraped the scraped potato into a pot of water until the reflected water splashed Pavlik.
„What are you doing, look how wet?“ Pavlik said.
„I’m sorry, but the stupid fly probably wants to eat me,“ Jenda said, and set out for the old newspaper he rolled over to fly the fly. But the fly disappeared unknown.
Potatoes in the pot were growing and a stack of buckets in a bucket too.
The boy scratching the potatoes had a little more fun, so they figured out how best to sprinkle the other with the water from the pot to throw the peeled potatoes.
When the peeled potato is well fed into a pot with water at a previously thought angle, it bounces the water from the pot, and it pounds the second person sitting against the pot of potatoes.
It was fun to you, the boys were wet as if they were swimming and the surroundings where they sat and peeled potatoes was almost underwater.
At the right time, the boy was tamed by their mentor, Cajman. First of all, he tugged at them in a tiny way that he was trembling with stupidity, and then stated that the potatoes were enough.

„So now clean it up, rinse the potatoes and cook them right now.“ The Cayman command was clearly sounded.

The other boys in the suite were bravely bobbing in the kitchen, or struggling with the everlasting lack of wood in the wood.
Pavlík and Jenda brought together the potatoes from the pots to the waste pit, and to make this task more pleasant, Pavlík carrying the bucket devised an interesting thing at the pit.

„Just how high the shell is going to fly.“ He said.

Holding the two-hand bucket, he buckled with him, and at one point he threw his skins to a height. But as the bucket was slippery, one hand slipped. The shells and the others that were in the bucket picked up another flight trajectory and partly landed on Jenda. Covered, his head was his head, his shoulders, but all.

„What are you doing, you do it deliberately!“ He was very angry. One shake of all possible.

Pavlik laughed with wonder laughing on the ground, but then he had to give way to Jenda.
Cayman assumed that there would be a problem, so he came out of the kitchen. He saw only running away from Pavlik before Jenda and Jendu dirty from potato skins.
He stopped them and let go of that comic story. After that, Pavlik got a slight head and both boys wandered after their work in the kitchen. Now, after a bigger Cayman’s watch.

After all, it all turned out very well, Skubanky was a poem, and if there were twice as many, that would not be the case.
The afternoon grumbling in the creek’s playgrounds washed and refreshed all the boys from the Stupid company.
Only Jenda had to go in addition to the camp shower with soap. Since the water from the stream of Jend’s hair, the potato’s and other things, the bucket’s odor did not flush.