Odborka Hudba – Znalostní Požadavky / Music – Merit Badges

Odborka Hudba – Znalostní Požadavky / Music – Merit Badges

Vlastní odborka je bez vypsaných odpovědí, zde je pouze studijní materiál a stručné odpovědi, které se mohou děti naučit.     

The subject itself has no answers, here is only the study material and brief answers that the children can learn.


Odborka Hudba – Znalostní Požadavky / Music – Merit Badges by VítězslavČermák on Scribd

Music – Perform (at least two points):

Sing solo or together with your tribe at three club events.
Perform a musical instrument, either as a soloist or in a band. (if you’re playing)
If you are attending a folk school of art and performing, show off your achieved section results.
Practice with tribe short music performance.

Sheet music and scales:
Show that you know the notes and can write, play, or sing a note scale.
Write – paint what the note looks like – four different.
Here are some possible answers.

Write – paint what the Treble clef and Bass clef look like.
Here are some possible answers.

Treble clef:
G key
The G key or treble clef is mostly used to record a bunch of violins, high brass instruments (eg flutes, oboes, clarinet, trumpets, etc.), female voices (soprano, mezzo-soprano and alto) and the right hand of keyboard instruments. Occasionally it is also used for instruments whose parts are usually noted in lower keyboards (eg bass) but have high notes (eg cello) for a longer part of the composition. This makes it possible to remove more accumulated auxiliary lines and the score is clearer. The reference tone of the treble clef is g¹, usually found on the second line of the score (at one end of the key).

Bass clef:
F key

The F key or bass key is used to record a bunch of cello, double bass, low wind instruments (such as bassoon, trombone or tuba), a lower male voice – bass, left hand on keyboards, and organ pedals. The reference tone for the bass key is f, which is usually found on the fourth note line (its position is indicated by a colon key).

Bar – explain, perform – tap, play:
Appendix – just describe and explain two-stroke and three-stroke cycle.
The basic simple measures are two-stroke and three-stroke.

Identify ten musical instruments by sound: EXAMPLES






6. Drums





Explain the level – the power of sound, paint their symbol:

Forte: STRONG the mark is the letter f

Mezzo forte: MEDIUM STRONG mark is the letter mf

Piano: Weakly the sign is the letter p

Mezzo piano: MIDDLE WEAK is the letter mp

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